Mobile Legends Build Guide to the heroes ECHO Philippines used to clinch the M4 World Championship

Every team's championship line-up is based on the last team they used to win a certain tournament. In this recent Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship, ECHO Philippines won Game 4 of the Grand Finals to complete the 4-0 sweep using the following heroes: Fredrinn as jungler, Lunox as gold laner, Gloo as exp laner, Xavier as midlaner, and Hilda as roamer. The item build of the heroes tends to depend on the enemy line-up so for some context, the Blacklist International used the following heroes: Barats, Beatrix, Benedetta, Yve, and Diggie. Here is a quick build guide and some insights about the M4 World Championship winning line-up.


For Fredrinn, Retribution and Jungle emblem is almost automatic as a jungler. Since the opposing team has more physical damage dealers, Fredrinn built Warrior Boots and Blade Armor. He wraps it up with items that gives very high HP stat which are Cursed Helmet and Sky Guardian Helmet. The magic defense item is Radiant Armor because of opposing Yve and Diggie. Sixth item is Immortality that can be simultaneously be swapped with Winter Truncheon.


For Lunox, spell is Flicker with Mage Emblem. Lunox needs Mana does her build tends to be Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, and Lightning Truncheon. Divine Glaive and Holy Crystal boosts her magic power more. Last item is Winter Truncheon.


For Gloo, still Flicker spell then Support Emblem for the Avarice talent. Just like Fredrinn, he needed Warrior Boots and Blade Armor in that clinching game. Dominance Ice and Sky Guardian are also there for added defense. Athena's Shield is the main magic defense item and it can be paired with Cursed Helmet or Radiant Armor.


For Xavier, he uses similar preparation sets as Lunox. Mage emblem and Flicker too. The same Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon as core items. For boots, Magic shoes is there for cooldown reduction. Enchanted Talisman and Divine Glaive is also there to supplement the core items. Winter Truncheon is the sixth item.


Lastly, Hilda uses tank emblem and sprint spell. In the last game of M4 Tournament, Hilda decided to go with Tough Boots for magic defense and CC reduction. Radiant Armor, Sky Guardian Helmet, and Dominance Ice are consistent defense items. Antique Cuirass is the main physical defense item here with Immortality as the sixth item.

Radiant Armor has been known to counter Yve and Diggie. Blade Armor counters basic-attack reliant damage while Antique Cuirass counters skill-based physical damage. The defense items always tend to be situational but the cores of the team, which are Lunox and Xavier, needed their damage items. This sums up the build guide and those are the general insights about the M4 World Championship winning line-up.

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