Mobile Legends Cadia Riverlands World Map

Guild of Guardians


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Jul 7, 2019
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Isolated from the world, it claims to be an ancient land of its kind. The harmony of all things is the Cadia Riverlands' philosophy for survival. All races live in harmony here under the protection of the Great Dragon.

Dragon Altar (the training place of the Great Dragon and his disciples)

The Dragon Altar is located deep in the mountains of the Cadia Riverlands suspended in the air. The fog surrounding it makes the entire area appear indistinct. This is the place where the Great Dragon and his disciples live. The great power if the Great Dragon blocks the entrance and exit between the Dragon Altar and the outside world. Only those with permission can enter the Dragon Altar from the Heavenly Gate.

Heroes: Zilong, Wanwan, Ling, Baxia, Chang'e, Yu Zhong

Stream Valley (the habitat of the Nature Spirits)

Stream Valley is located in the middle of the Cadia Riverlands. This ancient village was the end point of the great migration, and people's first foothold in the Cadia Riverlands. The sweet stream here restores the stamina of the thirsty and hungry people; making them able to continue moving forward, hence the name Stream Valley. It is now the home of the Nature Spirits and the Panda Warrior.

Heroes: Akai, Sun

Scarlet Shadow (a ninja heritage site)

Scarlet Shadow is located in the north of the Cadia Riverlands and is a home for ninjas. This village hidden in the rock walls of the deep mountains is full of dojos for practice and shrines built in honor of the great ninjas of the past. This place passes on the tradition of techniques that belong to the ninjas, and the disciples of the first generation of ninjas continue to carry forward ninjustu and the ninja clan here.

Heroes: Hanabi, Hanzo, Hayabusa, Kagura

City of the Dragon (a port city in the north of the Cadia Riverlands)

The City of the Dragon is located in the north of the Cadia Riverlands and is the largest human city there. The magnificent towers and dragon statues that can be seen everywhere are some of the symbols of this city. Due to its proximity to the northern waters, the City of the Dragon has developed fisheries and shipping. It also has a strong fleet.

Heroes: Yi Sun-shin

City of the Sand (an ancient city on the south coast of the Cadia Riverlands)

At the other end of the Cadia Riverlands, on the warm and humid southern coast, lies the City of the Sand. This city with its long history was born when mankind came to the Cadia Riverlands. A small number of people broke away from the large army that continued north, and instead came to the southern coast which has a more temperate climate, where they settled and multiplied.

Heroes: Minsitthar