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    Carmilla is the newest hero in Mobile Legends. In this guide, the best items suitable for her will be discussed. Each items will be explained why it is a good equipment for this new support/mage hero. An example of best set builds will also be given so make sure to read until the end of this guide.

    Hero Specialty: A Blood Demon who can pass the damage to multiple enemies via the link of curse.

    Item Recommendations:


    Magic Shoes - She needs to spam her skills to be very useful thus the CDR from this item will be really helpful.

    Tough Boots - Carmilla is most likely to build Immortality which is a physical defense item. That is why Tough Boots is a good option too for magic defense.

    Roam Item

    Shadow Mask - the active skill of this item can help you to target opponents easier and catch them offguard. Defensively, you can help yourself and your allies to escape.

    Courage Mask - the active skill of this item boosts damage output of your team in addition to the movement speed boost for a certain period of time.

    Magic Power Items

    Calamity Reaper - Carmilla can use basic attack after a skill. This item will boost her damage aside from the cooldown reduction that this item gives.

    Glowing Wand - Carmilla's 1st skill can abuse the passive of this item. This is one of the core items for a Mage Carmilla Build.

    Support Items

    Ice Queen Wand - This item can help you to support your allies by slowing the enemies every time you use a skill. The slow almost makes enemies looks like immobilized.

    Necklace of Durance - This item helps you counter enemies with high HP Regen including lifesteal.

    Defense Items

    Brute Force Breastplate - This item is perfect for Carmilla's skills. It gives her extra movement speed so that her skills will surely hit the enemies. The extra physical and magical defense is also helpful to tank some damage in a teamfight.

    Immortality - Aside from Brute Force Breastplate, this is your secondary option for physical defense. The passive of this item will revive Carmilla to give her a second chance to support the team.

    Oracle - This is Carmilla's main magic defense item. The cooldown reduction and the passive of this item is very helpful too. A Perfect Item for Carmilla.

    Athena's Shield - Also a good option for magic defense. Just make sure there is no Esmeralda in the enemy team.

    Dominance Ice - A situational item for Carmilla to counter heroes like Lesley and Bruno. The cooldown reduction and physical defense is also helpful.

    Builds Recommendations

    Mage Carmilla Burst build
    • Magic Shoes
    • Courage Mask
    • Calamity Reaper
    • Glowing Wand
    • Ice Queen Wand
    • Immortality
    This build gives 30% CDR and high magic power

    Pure Support Carmilla Build
    • Magic Shoes
    • Shadow Mask
    • Ice Queen Wand
    • Oracle
    • Necklace of Durance
    • Immortality
    This build has support items plus a decent amount of physical and magical defense.

    Semi-mage/support/tank Build
    • Tough Boots
    • Courage Mask
    • Brute Force Breastplate
    • Ice Queen Wand
    • Oracle
    • Immortality
    This gives magic power from Ice Queen Wand and makes Carmilla very tanky with two magic defense items and two physical defense items. The Courage Mask is also just an addition to her support items.

    You can also use the beginner's build given in-game as default set builds.


    Try using the items recommended and tell us the result! Have fun in using this new hero

    Carmilla Shadow of Twilight

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Carmilla Wisteria Countess

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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