Mobile Legends Cecillion Tactic - Guide on how to reach 100 stacks in just 5 minutes

Cecillion is considered the mage version of Aldous because his skills deals more damage that scales with the number of stacks he already has. For this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide, the way on how to easily stack up with Cecillion will be discussed.


One of the basic information to know about Cecillion is that he gains stacks when his skills hit an enemy target. This ability is because of his passive skill. That means, he can gain stacks not only from his skill 1 but also from his skill 2 and ultimate skill. Some doesn't know this since since they assume that Cecillion only gains stack with skill 1 just like Aldous.


After knowing the basic mechanics of his abilities, it is also important to clarify the description of his skills. Some assume that he can only gain stacks by hitting enemy heroes but that is not the case since he can also gain stacks by hitting jungle creeps. The description of his skill used the term "enemy target" not enemy hero so even hitting non-hero targets with skills should provide him stacks.


With all these things in mind, the tactic is simple and easy to master. In laning, use skill 1 only up to 2 times per cooldown to avoid consuming too much mana. Let skill 1 reset first before casting another 2 consecutive first skills. Also use skill 2 and better if it will also hit the enemy hero in the lane. The ultimate skill can also be spammed at the early part of the game just to reach 100 stacks as fast as possible.


Another tip is while walking from the base to the middle of a lane, cast skill 1 to hit nearby jungle creeps along the way. For example in top lane, hit the scaled lizard twice with skill 1 then walk again towards the lane which is just enough time for skill 1 to reset and Cecillion can cast another skill 1 with lower mana cost. Also, don't hesitate to recall especially due to low mana because it is better than dying in the lane or waiting for it to regenerate.

That concludes this guide! As long as Cecillion doesn't die in the first 5 minutes, this tactic will help in reaching 100 stacks before the 6th minute mark. Make sure to master this tactic in Classic Mode first for those who haven't used this tactic before. Once mastered, this will definitely help in Ranked Games and climb the ratings easily.

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