Mobile Legends Celestial Bastion Uranus - Upcoming Epic Skin Trailer Details

Uranus is currently one of the most viable sidelaners right now. He has great popularity both in ranked games and competitive scene. He will receive an upcoming epic skin and here are the details.


Uranus - Celestial Bastion features Uranus with a golden-colored skin that looks like a warrior angel that wears massive armor plates encarved with great designs. His wings are very noticeable as it also emits a shining golden aura. The Celestial protector theme really suits the design of this skin as well as its skill effects.


His skill 1, Ionic Edge, makes him attack with his enormous wings. This is one of the best upgrade of his skill effects. His shield with Transcendent Ward now looks brighter. And for his ultimate skill, there will be an animation as if he's absorbing the light from heaven above as he casts Consecration.


Even his passive skill received a great upgrade of skill effects. His passive, Radiance, is now more visible as it radiates a brighter glow and aura around Uranus.


Here is the video trailer of this upcoming epic skin:

Players that are planning to obtain this skin should prepare for this. There was no exact release date mentioned in the trailer but this skin will definitely come soon.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!