Mobile Legends Cheat Punishments

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently one of the most-played mobile games here in the Philippines. As one of the most famous mobile games, unfortunately, players that don't do well with playing it tend to use the easiest way to climb to the top. Cheating may make players’ gameplay better or easier but it's not fair to use, especially for some that really plays hard to rank up their account.


The following are a list of cheats/violations that once the account is caught using one of these, their account will face consequences.
  • Intentionally AFK: Intentionally being AFK (Away From Game) for a long period of time or for many times in a match. If this happens twice while in a ranked match, the player will be banned to play for a day but if the player goes AFK for a long period of time while in-game, even if the player won the match, the player won’t gain a star.

  • Intentionally Feed: Deliberately allowing oneself to be slain by the enemy many times, so that the enemy side can establish advantages within a short period of time. This can also happen if players don’t find any hope in winning the match they’re in or they want to ruin the other player’s gameplay.

  • Intentionally avoid team fights: Deliberately helping enemies outnumber the allies many times during a match, and keep farming to avoid system detection. Doing this will be a huge disadvantage for the team that has this kind of violator. Since if the player doesn't do the role that was entrusted to him/her, then winning a match will be impossible.

  • Use inappropriate nicknames: Use illegal or inappropriate words, characters in one's game handle. Keep it simple and clean. A lot of kids, pre-teens, and teenagers aside from adults play the game and using vulgar nicknames may result in them using it too for their ID.

  • Use inappropriate avatars: Use pornographic, violent, infringing and other illegal avatars. Players can use anything they want as their game’s profile as long as it's appropriate.

  • Find Boosters: Find the third parties to help raise the rank or unlock Achievements. They are also called MMR Boosters, which help players rank up for a price. The higher the rank they want to achieve, the pricier it gets.

  • Actor behavior: Through their behaviors manipulate the results of the matches in order to rank or derank.

  • Simultaneous Matching: Keep matching and do not enter the game until matching up with the specified players. It's normal that players that got a good game with a co-player that they don’t know, want to play with them again in the next match since getting a good rhythm with someone especially in a game like Mobile Legends is important. But repeatedly matching but not entering the game just because the player that you wanted to play with is not matched with you then that’s not right since you’ll only get in the way of other players that wanted to play.

  • Intentionally derank: Deliberately lose several matches.

  • Plugins: Installing plugins is not allowed, whether it was used or not, once the system detects that it was installed, the game account will be automatically banned.

  • Map Hacking: Once this is used it will not only tamper the game data but will also influence the balance, for that matter, accounts that are detected to have used this cheat will be banned.
Please be aware that cheating repeatedly in Mobile Legends has different punishments. For Low-level cheaters, they will be reprimanded and the MMR on their owned heroes will all be removed. If they repeat cheating again, they will be banned from the game. Meanwhile, heavy-duty cheaters will be banned and all MMR on their heroes will all be cleaned.

Note that the “sentence” depends on how long or how often he cheats because there are two types of banned, temporary and permanent banned. For permanent, obviously the account that was permanently banned cannot be used to play anymore so either make a new account or get a new device since Moonton will also permanently banned the device of the heavy-duty cheaters.