Mobile Legends CHESS-TD Facebook Event

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Jul 7, 2019
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What! There's only 2 days left for CHESS-TD? Have you be crowned as the champion so far? Why don’t you share a screenshot of your final lineup when you are ranked as the Champion in CHESS-TD. Don’t forget to post your comments with it and you will stand a chance to win Guinevere's skin Fleur de Bleau!

Please don’t forget to leave your ID and Server in the Comment Area. We will send the skin according to the information left.

Event Duration: November 12th-17th!

If a screenshot attracts you, please don't forget to press the Like button under it! The more Likes a post gets, the better chance the player posted it would have to get more rewards.

If you have encountered issues with the CHESS-TD, please download the latest installation package in Google Play or App Store.