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Jul 7, 2019
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Hi there, it’s Tigreal! Have you heard that MLBB’s all-new mode—CHESS-TD is coming soon! What’s more, this time, you may even have the chance to participate in the design of routes in MLBB’s CHESS-TD!

I will choose the best design and add it to the game. By then, everyone plays the game will see your design! Furthermore, your name will be shown in the loading page and you’ll be rewarded with the skin Harith - Stardust.

1.Map size: the map is constituted of 48 rectangular squares (8 units × 6 units). The left 4 squares could be used as the entrance and the 3 squares on the right could be used as the exit.

2. Along the route, the next square should be adjacent to the last one.

3. At least 14 squares should be covered.

Last Day: Sept. 22nd

Please post your design to the comments section. Don’t forget to leave your ID, your Server, and your in-game name. The more Likes you get, the better chance you would win. Of course, I, Tigreal have the final say. Can’t wait to see your design!