Mobile Legends Chess Tower Defense Returned!

Because of the positive feedback from the first launch of Chess - TD, an arcade mode of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it was relaunched on December 20, 2019.

There are some changes that includes new heroes, new factions, deleted heroes and factions, new synergies, and a gallery for better understanding of beginners.

The following are the new heroes and their respective factions:
  • Chang’e (Dragon Altar)
  • Zilong (Dragon Altar)
  • Ling (Dragon Altar)
  • Wanwan (Dragon Altar)
  • Estes (Elf)
  • Belerick (Elf)
  • Gatotkaca (Celestial)
  • Diggie (The Eruditio)
  • X-Borg (The Eruditio)
  • Franco (Northern Vale)
  • Aurora (Northern Vale)
The following are the heroes removed:
  • Kaja (Oracle)
  • Kadita (Oracle)
  • Ruby (Mortal)
  • Gusion (Mortal)
  • Roger (Beast)
  • Minotaur (Beast)
  • Selena (Elf)

In total, there are 11 new Heroes and 7 heroes are removed. The Chess-TD relaunched also introduces 2 new factions, Northern Vale and Dragon Altar. The "Mortal" faction was changed into "Eruditio". The Oracle and Beasts factions are completely removed.

CHESS-TD Rank Rules

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