Mobile Legends Claude Guide - The most slippery marksman hero

Claude is the Lord of Thieves who can steal speed from his enemies. He is a lively, young marksman that beautifully uses basic attacks and deals massive DPS. In this guide, how to utilize his abilities effectively will be discuss. Some Tips and Tricks are also listed at the end of the guide.

Skills Review

Battle Side-By-Side

Dexter launches an attack to help Claude. Deals 35% of Claude's damage in bonus damage to enemy units that were damaged by Claude's basic attacks. (Dexter also enjoys the basic attack bonus)

Tip: This is one of the reasons why Demom Hunter Sword is a perfect item for Claude. This gives bonus damage which means Claude plus Dexter can trigger Demon Hunter Sword's Passive Twice which is equivalent to around 18% of the target's HP.

Skill 1: Art of Thievery [AoE] [Buff]
Cooldown:5.0 Mana Cost:65

Claude steals 20% of movement speed and 10% of attack speed of enemies within a fan-shaped area. Deals 160 (+40% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. Claude increases his own movement and attack speed for 6 seconds, depending on the number of enemies affected. The speed bonus of Claude is doubled when stealing speed from enemy heroes.

Tip: Make sure to spam this skill. Before launching a basic attack, use first skill. Then after 6 seconds, use this skill again.

Skill 2 Battle Mirror Image [Summon]
Cooldown:11.0 Mana Cost:70

Claude uses Dr. Rooney's device to leave a mirror image of Dexter at a designated location. Dexter's mirror image automatically attacks enemy units. Mirror Image lasts for 5.5 seconds and deals 100% of Dexter's Physical Damage in basic damage. Claude can activate this skill again to switch places with the mirror image.

Tip: This will activate the effect of Demon Hunter Sword 3 times! The first one is for Claude, the second one is for Dexter, and the third one is for Dexter's Mirror Image.

Ultimate Skill: Blazing Duet [Burst]
Cooldown:50.0 Mana Cost:150

Claude and Dexter unleash a barrage attack, dealing continuous damage to enemies within the duo's surrounding area. Lasts for 3 seconds. Every hit inflicts 120-160 (+10% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to an enemy unit. This attack damage is considered a basic attack and triggers the effects of Claude's basic attacks. Also, generates a shield with 20 (+3% Total Physical Attack) points. Bonus attack speed will also increase hit rate. When Claude's attack is in full burst, enemy minions will experience 300% of damage.

Tip: This is also one of the reasons why Claude's Build is based on attack speed. The higher the attack speed, the greater the damage that Claude's Ultimate can deal.

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Emblem Recommendations

  • Marksman Electro Flash Talent
  • 3pts for Phy Atk and Atk Spd
  • Assassin Bounty Hunter/Killing Spree Talent
  • 3 pts for Movement Speed and Phy Pen

  • Jungle Veteran Hunter Talent
  • 3 pts for Hybrid Attack and Attack Speed
  • Support Avarice Talent
  • 3 pts for Movement Speed and Hybrid Pen

Spell- Aegis/Retribution/Purify

Recommended Item Builds:

Set 1: Beginner's build

  • Demon Shoes
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Golden Staff
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality

Set 2: Endless Battle Core Build
  • Raptor Machete
  • Magic Shoes
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Endless Battle
  • Golden Staff
  • Immortality

Set 3: No Golden Staff Build
  • Raptor Machete
  • Swift Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Endless Battle
  • Queen's Wings
  • Immortality

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Gameplay Tips:

1) Buy Hunter Knife as your jungle item after clearing the first minion wave if you choose Retribution as battle spell and you are the main core of the team.

2) As a gold laner, your aim is to quickly earn gold to get Demon Hunter Sword before trying to take greater objectives.

3) Zone out enemies using your second skill. While clearing minions, put your second skill at the midliner minion. Midliner minion means the one in between of the frontmost minion and backmost minion.

4) Deal a bit amount of dmaage to towers even without minions by putting your second skill at the opponent's tower.

5) Practice engage and disengaging using your second skill.

6) You may also use your second skill to escape. Use it even to bypass walls.

7) Master how to maintain the stack of your skill 1. Tactics includes delaying the attack to minions or jungle monsters to last hit using skill 1.

8) In teamfights, you may aim for the tank because you can burst it down with your core items. Let your assassins and fighters reach the backline and kill the main damage dealers of the opponents. But in higher competitive scene and you have no assassin as a teammate, aim for the backline and just try to avoid being crowd control especially by the enemy tank.

9) Spam first skill and aim it properly to enemy units to maintain stacks

10) The following are skill combos you need to practice and master as a beginner.

One skill combo: 1st skill + Basic Attacks then repeat.
Basic Skill Combo: 2nd skill + Basic Attack + 1st skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Basic attack

Then you may afterward explore on other possibilities and learn to adapt in different situations to use the proper combo and be fully effective.

Hope this helps. You may also check the other hero guides in this site. Stay tuned for more!
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