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May 1, 2019
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Clint is one of the earlier Marksman heroes created during Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 's release, known to be a lethal hero in terms of creating large bursts with a single attack during the mid and late game phase. Although he's less picked in the current meta, he's still one of the best Marksman to be able to chip down HPs with a single shot.


Passive: Quick Draw

Each time Clint casts a skill, his next attack penetrates a line of targets, dealing 120% of his base damage

Skill 1: Blind Smoke [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: 9.5s, Mana Cost: 80)

Clint projects a small bomb dealing 200 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies in an area. The basic attacks' hit rate of enemy heroes in the smoke area is decreased by 25% while their movement speeds are decreased by 60%.

Skill 2: Heel Rope [Blink] [CC] (Level 1 - CD: 12.0s, Mana Cost: 65)

Clint steps back a little and shoots a trap net forward, dealing 140 (+30% Total Physical Attack) (+30% Total Magic Power) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing the enemy

Ultimate Skill: Howitzer [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: --, Mana Cost: 65)

Clint launches a grenade in a specified direction, the grenade explodes and dealing 250(+80% Total Physical Attack) points ofPhysical Damage on hit. Clint can have up to 5 grenades

Skill tips:

Prioritize Skill 2 over skill 1 if you notice that you are being ganked and targeted in early game.

Prioritize Skill 1 for more damage.

In short, Skill 1 for early game. Skill 2 for late game assurance.

How to efficiently use his ultimate skill?

His Ult can stack up to a maximum of 5. Keep in mind that Ult is lethal not just because of the passive spams. Directly hitting the enemy with ult gives you a starting point for your passive to deal more damage. If the enemies are clumped up in groups, S3 and S1 help in reducing all of their HP down significantly without the needs to auto attack. Be sure to follow up with basic attacks between skills.

~Utilizing your passive!

Clint's passive enhances your next attack, this is the following trait it provides after using a skill:

1. 120% extra damage.
2. Extra range to the point you can shoot an enemy off screen
3. Penetrating enemies works almost like Moskov.
4. Will only trigger true damage to the first unit hit. (Endless Battle and Thunder Belt)

A. Items that deals true damage has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds, in order to be consistent in keeping the damage to its maximum without wasting, try to time it right. They also provide CDR for your Ult to stack up slightly faster.

B. I have tested that battle spells will not trigger passive. Just a reminder that battle spells are not considered part of Clint's skill, the passive may have triggered due to some skills being cast then use the battle spells which is why people misunderstood that 'Battle Spells also applies'. It is stated that 'Each time Clint casts a skill', therefore it should not trigger any other spells other than Clint's own skill.

To keep triggering passive attacks be sure to use basic attack between any skills you've used. But speed and rate of triggering it are important, very important. The basic combo should be (Skill > Attack > Skill > Attack), easy right? Indeed it is easy, yet most of the time you'll end up using all your ultimate skill stacks and left with S1 and S2 on cooldown then the next thing happens you either die, recall or go walk around the battlefield poking until your skill's up again.

Timing is important, you don't need to spam everything and expect something good every time. Try to do some basic attacks to enemies then trigger the passive. That way, your skills that are on cooldown should be up for you to shoot again. In case if the enemies are dying and it's out of your basic attack range, no problem! Simply use a skill and you'll get yourself a bonus range to hit it. On a safe note, be sure to dash in an appropriate position.

Clint as a support

Right, not many will notice this, but Clint's Skill 1 and Skill 2 has very good supportive characteristics. Both skills slow down the enemies' movement and dealing damage at the same time. Skill 1 reduces the attack speed too! So if your allies are in case ganked or they are in a team fight. Use this skill tactically to enemies who are either chasing or attacking. Maybe you'll get yourself a turnaround and gain a kill as a bonus.


Here are some precautions when using Clint, it's not really a big problem for experienced players though.

1. Positioning

Similar to Moskov, Clint needs to be in very good condition in terms of positioning. Since his passive triggers, the penetrating attacks the player shouldn't waste this on one enemy when there's like four others who barely received any damage. At the same time, you can't expect to be in a safe spot either as many may target you as a threat in team fights. Try to make sure you're in a position where it's hard for them to locate you and chase you unless Aldous is involved. Rely on your allies to cover that up, be sure to avoid soloing places too much.

2. Targeting Method

When I play Marksman, it's always important to change the targeting method to closest to enemies as I will end up walking back and forth while targeting the lowest HP which is not in my range at all (But somehow the system says 'yes!'). Clint is no exception, but since he's a unique hero that is able to penetrate units as well as shoot a far range. His targeting method can still change to 'Lowest HP' instead.

3. Don't get too reckless

I'll strictly say this, once you have enough damage to easily kill one or two enemies don't get too overconfident when trying to enter the battle again. Stay focus and never look down on your enemies regardless of them being either Marksman, Assassin or Support. Most players tend to mess up their positions after trying to attempt to stay in the front line without waiting for allies to come and help.


Swift Boots - for the attack speed

Endless Battle - One of the core items of Clint.

Scarlet Phantom - For the attack speed and crit.

Berserker's Fury - Another core item of Clint. Crit Damage is also his main damage source.

Malefic Roar - The 40% Physical PEN is very helpful not only against tanks since every hero has at least 18 physical defense early game and at least 50 in level 15.

Blade of Despair - For max physical attack stat boost.

Analysis on situational items:

Windtalker & Wind of Nature

I'll have to say these two items are very cheap and are good items in both mid and late game.


The similarity of these two items is that they both grants extra attack speed.

Wind of Nature - Gives you Immunity to physical attacks for a short amount of time, 15% physical life steal benefits your passive triggers but only on one unit. Perfect against Aldous especially in late game.

Windtalker - More attack speed, meaning more life stealing potential when coming along with Endless Battle, even its passive gives you more movement speed including a slight increase in crit chance. Perfect along with Berserker's Fury and Scarlet Phantom.


These two items contribute more on gaining attack speed and beneficial passive, but one thing for sure these two wouldn't be enough for you to deal more when triggering passive. Meaning you'll have to rely on fast basic attacks instead, in this case making into this build will be similar to Layla.

In short, it is a matter of survivability. Wind of Nature for its active skill that immunes you from Physical Damage and Windtalker for the lifesteal combo with Endless Battle.

Thunder Belt & Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes gives you the chance to be involved more in battle and less recall early game. Though you are sacrificing the attack speed if you use Swift Boots.

A way to get early mana sustainability is to buy two magic necklace early game. Then you can use them to finish building Endless Battle.

Thunder Belt is an optional build, this item is both offense and defense at the same time. A pretty good combo when combining with Endless Battle. I can say for sure that this particular item has more advantages (Slow, CDR, HP, Armor, True Damage) than disadvantages. The disadvantage is you sacrifice an item slot for being more defensive than building a full physical attack boost item.

Emblem Options:

Marksman Emblem:

Tier 1 - Fatal (Crit Chance)
Tier 2 - Doom (Crit Damage)
Talent - Electro Flash

Assassin Emblem:

Tier 1 - Bravery (Phy Atk)
Tier 2 - Invasion (Phy PEN)
Talent - Bounty Hunter

Spell: Aegis or Retribution

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Even though Clint is just an A Tier Marksman as rank 7 out of 13 marksmans, he is a good counterpick against heroes who relies on basic attacks to deal damage because of his first skill.

Coco of Bren ESports even used Clint one time in the MPL PH.

He especially counters melee basic attack reliant fighters.

That is why he is a good pick against Leomord who deals AoE Damage from his basic attacks.

Tips for using Clint (or even other marksman but some of this tips is designed for Clint's Gameplay)

First tip: Use Basic Attack - Skill - Basic Attack Skill

This abuses Clint's Passive, Endless Battle's True Damage and even Thunderbelt's True Damage and Slow Debuff. This will give you 120% to 240% more damage than your ordinary basic attacks.

Second tip: Use your blink skill to escape or chase

Third tip: If your ultimate skill is at full stack, don't hesitate to use it. It only has 10 seconds cooldown. Also, you will still have 4 stacks as reserves.

Helpful in jungling faster, securing buff, securing crab, killing turtle, and even do lord steal.

Gameplay Application:

This will highlight the Clint Vs Leomord match-up. Take note: this is not 1v1 but a teamfight application since MLBB Rank Game is 5v5 not 1v1.

Leomord will always try to chase you. The tactic here is just step back when he uses ult. Then, it is up to your teammates to stun and help you kill it. Your skill 1 is the key to counter Leomord's Basic Attack AoE Damage.

Case 1: You are Leomord's Target

Don't use Second Skill too early. Don't waste your Aegis too early also.

Once he uses second skill to try to push you to his teammates, that is the time you may use Aegis or Second skill.

As much as possible, always beware of your position in teamfight.

Case 2: Leomord chooses to target your teammates

This is the easier case for you since you can free hit. Just use your first skill so that Leomord won't get a chance to wipe your team out. A pro Leomord User has a high Savage Chance even in higher ranks like Legend and Mythic.

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