Mobile Legends Conflict of Dawn

Everything you need to know on Mobile Legends Conflicts of Dawn Event

Event Date: September 25 until October 9 2018

You will need to chose a side: Mokenya / Moniyan for the path of light or Dark Abyss for the path of darkness

Note: The side you chose is permanent

Those who subscribed will get extra War Medals

The winning team will have a permanent avatar border

Mobile Legends Season 10 and Season Pass
  • Optimized Server which gives your Lag less gaming experience
  • Take more seriously AFK behaviours they punish you from 20 minutes to 128 hours.
  • Now Speed Mode Works Better than old
  • Exclusive new Season 10 Skin
  • Mobile Legends Season Pass
  • New Type Ranking System

New Skins: Alice Divine Owl and Natalia Midnight Raven

New Heroes arriving: Hell Knight Leomord on October 3 and Splat Queen Kimmy on October 23



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Jul 14, 2018
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Hanabi viper now available

The Vicious Flower Blossoms in Death! The Scarlet Flower, returns as the evil Viper. Manipulate the power of death and swipe the battlefields! HanabiHanabi’s new skin ViperViper now available! ViperViper 419 :gem: | Hero-Skin Bundle 838 :gem: Launch Week 30% OFF

Viper’s Gift! Complete tasks to get amazing rewards! 10.07–10.10

Conflicts of Dawn – The Thirteenth day Campaign of Conflicts of dawn starts! The Final Showdown!



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