Mobile Legends Courage of Bulwark

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May 1, 2019
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Let's now talk about the Defense/Support Item Courage of Bulwark

Item Price: $1970
Item Capabilities:
+770 HP
10% Cooldown Reduction

The COB has two unique Passives.

Unique Passive- Bravery: Increases 10% of Physical & Magical Attack and Physical & Magical Defense for nearby Allies.

Unique Passive-Heavy Armor: Nearby soldiers(minions)
cam take more defense from turrets damage

Active skill -Encourage: Increses your movement speed and allied heroes by 30% also Increses Physical and Magical attack by 20% for 3 seconds. This skills cool down is 40 seconds.

So who are the heroes that can really use and benefit this item and its passive.

First in my list is Diggie.
Diggie can really abuse the passive Bravery of this item 'cause he really need to be sticked to his allies.
His skills and this item has also a great synergy when used properly in every team fight.
Adding 10% more CDR for Diggie is also quite good for Diggie to use his skills more frequently.

Secondly, Belerick,
Using Belerick's Ulti together with the Courage of Bulwarks's Active skill can greatly increase the win rate of your team in clash since increasing Defense, Physical &Magical Attack and Movement speed is a good buff for your team within the range of the skills. Belerick's Ulti also has a good synergy with this item when used properly.

Heroes who are great in Pushing turrets can also abuse the passive of the items passive HEAVY ARMOR just like Bane, Leomord and Haya. Having more turret defense for your soldiers (minions) can give you more time to destroy turrets.

Additional Tip:

-staying near an ally with Courage of Bulwark while its active Passive is activated can give you 30% more Physical &Magical Attack.
-The unique passives and active skill of Courage Bulwark can stack when you and your ally equipped the same item when stayed close together.

so do you have any other opinion or information about this Item? Pls let us know and comment it in a polite way. Thanks for reading