Mobile Legends Credit Score & AFK Punishment!


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Jul 7, 2019
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Credit Score & AFK Punishment!

1. What is Credit Score?

Credit Score is the rating of a player's in-game behavior. If there are violations such as AFK, negative playing, intentional feeding, etc., Credit Scores will be deducted.

2. What happens if Credit Scores are deducted?

Players whose Credit Score is below 90 are banned from Rank Mode. Players whose Credit Score is below 60 are banned from Classic Mode and Brawl Mode. If your Credit Scores are deducted, the Battle Points you get will be deducted accordingly.

3. How to restore Credit Score?

You can restore your Credit Score by daily login and completing every match regardless of the result. However, there are different restoration limits for different players.

4. What are the factors that affect the restoration limit of Credit Score?

The system will calculate all the matches where there were violations (AFK, negative playing, intentional feeding, etc.) among 100 recent matches, and deduct the corresponding Credit Scores according to the rules.
The more matches in which your Credit Scores are deducted, the fewer Credit Scores can be restored every day.

(For example, Player A went AFK in 1 of the recent 100 matches while Player B went AFK in 10 of the recent 100 matches. It will be much harder for Player B to restore Credit Scores)

5. Other punishment

If a player violates the rules twice in the ranked matches of a day, he/she will be banned for 1 day.
If a player goes AFK for too long in a ranked match, he/she won't gain a star even he/she wins the match.

AFK Compensation System!

Have you ever lost a star and felt upset just because of an AFK teammate?

We believe everyone does and that's why we're elaborating AFK Compensation System in today's class.
MLBB is a game requiring team cooperation. Each player becomes a team member as soon as the picking phase starts. A better game environment relies on not someone's effort, but all of us.