Mobile Legends Dawn Revelation Lunox Epic Skin - Trailer of Lunox' seventh skin

Another skin is coming for the lovely hero Lunox. In a trailer posted in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel, the skin teaser is released and the visuals are shown. Here are the details about the theme and animation effects of this skin.


Lunox - Dawn Revelation features Lunox wearing a white dress coated with some violet colors. Her wings is a shining light on one side and a dark violet color on the other side. This skin is an Epic Skin that is why it also has a great entrance animation.


For the skill effects, she will casts colorful attacks depending on the skill she is using and if she is in Order or Chaos Form. When she uses Starlight Pulse, Chaos Assault, and Cosmic Fission, there will be glowing trails and splash effects.


Her ultimate skills also have great effects. For her Brilliance ultimate skill, it has a different shade of golden outline all around the area of effect. For Darkening skill, she unleashes dark blue attacks on the target after landing gracefully and even the area of effect upon landing has great skill effects.

Here is the video trailer of this skin:

This skin will come soon in-game. Watch out for the in-game notification and check the shop to obtain this skin.

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