Mobile Legends Day 1 and 2 Final Stage IESF 14th World Esports Championship – SIBOL to lower bracket after IDN sweep

The final stage of the IESF 14th World Esports Championship (WEC) for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang begins with the double-elimination best-of-3 format to determine which teams will be in the upper bracket and lower bracket. The highlight of the first two days of this tournament is the match between team Philippines (SIBOL) and team Indonesia (IDN), which are two of the best countries in terms of ML:BB. Indonesia prevailed in this match-up that led to SIBOL to play a lower bracket match to end Day 2.


(image from SIBOL official Facebook Page)

All the round 1 matches ended with a 2-0 sweep. Cambodia and Malaysia won against Namibia and Vietnam, respectively. Meanwhile, Argentina won against Slovenia and will face Indonesia next in the upper bracket. Namibia and Vietnam faced in the lower bracket where Vietnam won 2-0. Philippines, after losing to Indonesia, battled against Slovenia and via a sweep.


(image from SIBOL official Facebook page)

The teams that will lose in the upper bracket will then face team Vietnam and Philippines respectively. Meanwhile, the winners in the upper bracket will proceed to the Upper Bracket Finals. Day 3 will continue with the Upper Bracket semi-finals and there will be a lower bracket quarter finals game expected to be played between Vietnam and the loser of the Cambodia and Malaysia match-up.

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