Mobile Legends December 2021 Starlight Skin - Brody Lethal Fang

To end the year 2021, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will release its last starlight skin of the year. The trailer posted in their official social media platforms shows Brody - Lethal Fang as the December 2021 Starlight Skin. Here are the details about the skin and the other rewards for Starlight members for this month.


Brody - Lethal Fang features Brody wearing irons and steels. He is also wearing a mask with the same color as steel and it has a fang imprinted on it. The vibe of this skin is intoxicating which would intimidate his enemies and looks cool for the user.

For the skill effects of this skin, the main color theme is purple which is similar to the aura emitting from his right arm. All of his skills and basic attacks will have purple splash effects including the mark on his target.


The other rewards for Starlight members include a battle emote that has the same theme with this skin, a Zhask painted skin, and a Badang Sacred Statue. The monthly benefits and privileges of the starlight members are still there as usual.

Here is the trailer video posted in ML:BB's official YouTube channel:

This skin will be available in-game starting December 1, 2021 server time. Purchase the starlight membership of this month to choose to obtain Brody - Lethal Fang or one of the other four previous starlight skins in the current starlight skins pool.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!