Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Exclusive Rewards Preview - Vexana Circus Magician is coming!

Vexana's fourth skin will be the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang December 2022 Starlight Exclusive skin! It will be named as Circus Magician. This skin along with the other starlight perks are teased in a video post in the official ML:BB YouTube channel. Here are some of the must-know information about this upcoming month's Starlight member perks.


Vexana puts on a new look which is different from her other previous skins (includes Cursed Shackle, Lucent Beacon, and Sanguine Rose) and the Undead Knight beside her also received a visual upgrade to be in-line with the Circus theme. Their outfits are combinations of purple and bluish color. This color combination is also visible in this skin's skill effects.


Her skill 1 and skill 2 makes her casts AoE (Area of Effect) attacks that glows and splashes after hitting something. Her basic attacks and even her Undead Knight's basic attacks also has splash effects. Her ultimate skill, Eternal Guard, summons the newly-costumed Undead Knight while there seems like splashes visible upon casting.


Here is the official preview for the December 2022 Starlight perks:

Other rewards available to starlight members are a Vexana Statue, Battle Emote in-themed with Circus Magician, and a Hilda skin recolor. Aside from Circus Magician, starlight members for December 2022 can choose between Yu Zhong - Biohazard, Jawhead - Candy Bear, Selena - Double Identity, and Brody - Lethal Fang instead of this Vexana Starlight skin. Players can only choose 1 Starlight skin among those five as their reward for purchasing Starlight membership.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!