Mobile Legends December 2023 Upcoming Skins: Sneak Peeks, Preview, Patch Notes datamined

Even before November 2023 ends, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game already gave out some sneak peeks and previews about the December 2023 releases. Some of the information can be datamined from both the game’s original server patch notes and advanced server patch notes. The game also posted some sneak peek videos in their official social media accounts especially for those that will come out in early December 2023. Here are some of the upcoming skins to expect to come to the game’s official server for December 2023.


Arlott - Fury of the Deep Starlight Skin
The game releases a Starlight skin every month and for the month of December 2023, it will be for the hero, Arlott. The December 2023 Starlight Pass exclusive skin is named Fury of the Deep. Starlight skins also now tend to have skin recolors as part of the reward of the Starlight Pass. The two painted skins for December 2023 are called “Ire of the Deep” and “Scorn of the Deep”. The base skin and skin recolors can be obtained by purchasing the Starlight Pass wherein the base skin will be obtained outright after purchase while the painted skins via leveling up the Pass.

Joy - Royal Protector elite skin and Harith’s christmas skin
These skins might not be released in the first week of December as it is expected that the game will officially reveal their visuals this upcoming December. Joy’s elite skin Royal Protector is expected to be buyable in shop for an original price of 599 diamonds. On the other hand, Harith’s skin will be a special tier skin and expected to be also buyable for a price of 749 diamonds. This Harith skin is a christmas skin and expected to be named as Christmas Carnival.


Mistbenders event skins
In the official YouTube channel of MLBB, there is a sneak peek video already about these Mistbenders skins. It is expected that there will be two exclusive skins for the heroes Aldous and Nana. This will be in an event format similar to the Neobeasts event where players can also collect a certain item to exchange it for an exclusive skin. The current sneak peek released is still just a skin teaser revealing that Aldous and Nana would indeed get skins from this event but the other details about the event is yet to be officially announced in full.


Valentina - Celestial Judicator
Another monthly skin in MLBB is the Collector skin so for this month, the December 2023 Grand Collection Event exclusive skin is Valentina - Celestial Judicator. There is already an official preview of this skin in the game’s MLBB YouTube channel. This skin is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2023. Players also has an option to not get Valentina’s Collector skin and choose to obtain either of Sun “Wicked Flame” Collector Skin or Khufra “Volcanic Overlord” Collector Skin.

There might be more skins to be released in this upcoming month and the information here is also subject to change. Players are encouraged to regularly check the official social media accounts of MLBB in order to get the official news and announcements. The game’s test server patch notes are also a good source of advance information about what’s coming to be released globally in the official server at some point in the near future.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!