Mobile Legends Details on the Four Newly Revamped Heroes - Lancelot; Odette; Hayabusa; Kagura

On Patch Note 1.6.18 Original Server, the two couples, Lancelot-Odette and Hayabusa-Kagura, were revamped. They received not only visual improvements but some of their skills were also revamped. Here are the details of each revamp.


1. Blade of Roses - Lancelot

This revamp aims to lower Lancelot's learning cost and control difficulty to let more players experience using him. Besides the changes to his Skill 1, his skills' Mana Cost were also adjusted and did a major upgrade on the visual quality.

[Skill 1 - Puncture]

Lancelot charges in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way and applying a [Sword Mark] to the first unmarked enemy hit. If Lancelot successfully applies a [Sword Mark] to an enemy, the cooldown of this skill will reset.

The exact details on the adjustment on the mana costs of his skills were not mentioned in the patch note.


2. Swan Princess - Odette

Odette's revamp revolves around her core feature which is [Swan Song]'s high damage. That is why her Ultimate's damage were kept and replaced the less perceptible Damage Reduction with a shield. A leap to the skill was also added so she no longer needs to rely on [Flicker] to engage in fights. Her Skill 2 [Blue Nova] was revamped too. With lowered maximum hits but a much higher hit rate, the skill will make it easier for Odette to deal damage with her [Swan Song]. Be prepared for Odette's more brilliant performance!

[Skill 2 - Blue Nova]

Odette releases a set of magic energy balls forward, dealing damage to the enemy hit and immobilizing them. Another energy ball will then spawn and attack a nearby enemy (prioritizes enemy heroes), dealing damage and immobilizing them.

[Skill 3 - Swan Song]

Compared with the older version, Odette can now leap a short distance while casting [Swan Song], and the previous Damage Reduction has been replaced with a more obvious shield effect.

There were no changes on her passive and skill 1.

3. Crimson Shadow - Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a classic Assassin hero in ML:BB. In this revamp, his skill features were kept and optimized his visuals and skill casting experience. Hayabusa can now shuttle between his phantoms more easily, and the attack animation and clarity of his Ultimate were also greatly improved. Be sure to check them out.

[Passive - Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow]

All Hayabusa's damage can now apply [Shadow Marks], which will increase the damage of his Basic Attacks and skills.

[Skill 2 - Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow]

The phantoms are now released earlier, and it's easier to teleport to a specific phantom.

[Skill 3 - Ougi: Shadow Kill]

Hayabusa's Ultimate can now launch multiple attacks on enemies, and the number of attacks will increase as he levels up. Besides, the attacks will prioritize enemies with [Shadow Marks] from his Passive, each attack consuming a stack and dealing extra damage.

All of his skills except for skill 1 received changes.


4. Onmyouji Master - Kagura

The main goal of this revamp is to lower Kagura's control difficulty while maintaining some of her high skill cap. Kagura and her Seimei Umbrella was also given a brand new look.

For Skill 1, Seimei Umbrella's flying speed and damage radius were increased and optimized the skill's indicator to boost the skill's hit rate. For the Ultimate, although Kagura's previous Ultimate when without Seimei Umbrella is quite unique, it was difficult to control and the gains weren't stable enough. Therefore, the skill was tweaked a bit to make the pull of the second attack suitable for more situations and provide more room for tactics and imaginative gameplay. The issue where the skill couldn't benefit from equipment's special effects was also fixed.

To balance out the gains from the above adjustments, her slow and damage in the mid and late games were slightly lowered.

Despite the lowered control difficulty, Kagura still has a high skill cap, which allows pro players to spam crowd control and damage in team fights. With these, more players may enjoy her charm.

[Skill 1 - Seimei Umbrella Open]

Kagura moves Seimei Umbrella to a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.

[Ultimate - Yin Yang Overturn] (Without Seimei Umbrella)

When without Seimei Umbrella, Kagura immediately resets Seimei Umbrella Open's cooldown, deals damage to enemies around Seimei Umbrella, and slows them. After 1.5s, enemies around Seimei Umbrella will be pulled toward it and take Magic Damage. Kagura can move Seimei Umbrella again during the process. Kagura can now move while casting this skill.

Her skill 1 has now a higher hit rate potential. Even her ultimate skill has now a higher success rate. It made her a bit easier to use and opens up new possible combos. Those adjustments were made to make her easier to use and hit her skills at the expense of lowering her damage and slow abilities.

That summarizes the information about the revamped heroes. Some might love the revamp because of the improved looks but players should also take note of the adjustments outside of the visual revisions.

Tell us your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates!