Mobile Legends Diggie Guide - The best carry damage support

Guild of Guardians
Diggie is known as an Anti-CC Hero. He is currently ranked as an S Tier Support along with Estes. He is unlike other support heroes that heals allies. He supports by giving slow debuff and purifies all CC effects within his range.

Advantages of using Diggie
  • A very flexible hero in a way that Diggie can adapt to most situations such as ganks, and teamfights. His build is also very diverse. He can be built as a support, tank, or even mage build.
  • Great scouting ability via passive, allowing you to map out enemy locations
  • Great synergy with most heroes, actually all heroes but not that perfect. It is because Diggie is a support.
  • Dominates early game. With access to a powerful ranged attack and slow debuff early game, Diggie is one of the heroes feared by enemies.
  • With Kimmy, they can push a turret before 2 minutes. Diggie can zone and even kill out enemy heroes while Kimmy pushes the turret.
  • Diggie’s ultimate is excellent for protecting carry heroes that are weak to CC. He can also tank some damage because of the extra shield.
  • Insane burst damage with the right build
  • In a CC dominated META, Diggie shines as one of the most viable support heroes. He boasts a useful Skill 1 slow, Skill 2 CC and a Shield plus Purify ultimate skill that counters many heroes
  • Not very popular. If you are Diggie main, you can pick Diggie all most of the time.
  • Diggie is excellent for baiting the enemy into an ambush. That is an opportunity for your team to counter-initiate.
  • Basic attack is weak unlike the likes of Estes.
  • Squishy. Even if you are to build a semi-tank build, you will still lack the ability to sustain yourself through an extended team fight.
  • Susceptible to burst.
  • Lacks HP Regen compared to other supports like Estes, Rafaela, Angela and even Minotaur.
  • Cannot be used to jungle invade early game unlike the healer supports.

Skills Review and Pro Tips

Passive: Young Again – Upon being killed, Diggie turns into an egg for the duration in which you wait to be resurrected. This egg cannot be Crowd Controlled by enemies.

This is mainly useful for scouting out the enemy location and positioning yourself around the map. Diggie can also annoy enemies who are trying to recall or use regen.

Skill 1: Auto Alarm Bomb – A bomb is thrown in a chosen direction. If enemy units get too close, these bombs will chase them, dealing 500(+120% Magic Power) Magic damage to them and give them a 30% slow debuff. If these bombs are not triggered immediately, they remain on the map for 30 seconds before they vanish. You can store three bombs at maximum.

This skill is excellent for luring enemies into bushes or revealing enemies around the map. These bombs are also deadly when stacked in an area. The enemy won’t know what hit them! The slow debuff is great for slowing the enemy down for your allies to catch up!

Skill 2: Reverse Time – This allows you to target one enemy, trapping them in time. If they attempt to leave the circle too quickly, they will be yanked back and dealt 150(+50% Magic Power) Magic Damage and slowed by 80%. Otherwise, they will be pulled back in 4 seconds and dealt the same damage and debuff.

This is mainly used to prevent most dash heroes like Fanny from getting to your squishy or prevent heroes from trying to escape team fights.

Ultimate Skill: Time Journey – A shield is provided to Diggie and his surrounding allies that absorbs 400(+150% Magic Power) HP of damage. Your nearby allies also become immune to Crowd Control. This lasts 3 seconds.

This is Diggie’s specialty as a support hero. In a sudden gank or ambush, you can free your allies from any CC, and flee or even allow you to fight back, given it’s the right opportunity to counter. The current META is very CC oriented that is why this skill can reverse the tide of the match in most situations.


Recommended Emblem Configurations are the following:
  • For Mage Diggie, use Mage Emblem Mystery Shop Talent. 3 pts for Magic Power and Magic Pen.
Mystery Shop is best because you should buy roam item and that will make you be the 4th or 5th in gold on your team. So in order to not be left behind in terms of items, Mystery Shop is perfect.
  • For the Support Emblem, Use Focusing Mark Talent. 3 pts for CDR and hybrid regen.
Pull Yourself Together is inefficient because Diggie is still helpful while waiting for his resurrection. Avarice is also not that good. You already have roam item for your extra gold, right?
  • Recommended Spells are Aegis, Petrify (Season 7 to 12 META), Sprint, Flicker, or Arrival
Item recommendations:

  • Holy Crystal - for burst type Diggie
  • Oracle - main magic defense item. It gives HP and CDR too. The shield from Diggie's ultimate will also be boosted so that you can tank a bit more damage.
  • Fleeting Time - to spam ultimate skill
  • Genius Wand - main magic penetration item
  • Dominance ice - counters crit and attack speed reliant heroes.
  • Athena's Shield - your secondary magic defense item.
  • Demon Shoes - for mana regen
  • Arcane Boots - for burst type Diggie
  • Warrior Boots - for physical defense
  • Courage Mask - best roam item for Diggie
  • Ice Queen Wand - for more slow debuff, magical lifesteal, and magical power.
  • Necklace of Durance - counters HP Regen Reliant Heroes like Thamuz, Alucard, Esmeralda, etc.
Example of set builds

Mage Build
  • Arcane Boots
  • Fleeting Time
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Genius Wand
Support Build
  • Courage Mask
  • Demon Shoes
  • Fleeting Time
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Dominance Ice
  • Oracle
Rotation and miscellaneous tips

Your rotation depends on your carry hero. Here are some tips to be efficient in rotating around the map and dominate the game.
  1. When you die, check bushes and give more map vision for your team
  2. Stay near the carry hero. Just near. Don't be too close
  3. While waiting to be resurrected, you can even peel for your carry hero. Peel by staying in a bush so that you can alert your carry hero if there is an enemy nearby or approaching.
  4. When your team decides to invade, use your skill 1 and 2 efficiently.
  5. You can use skill 1 to check bushes.
  6. You can use skill 1 to steal jungle or secure lord.
  7. Don't be alone. Always be with a teammate.
Thanks for reading the first guide for 2020! Hope you have a great year.