Mobile Legends Discord Tournament (MLDT) Season 1

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    Mobile Legends Discord Tournament (MLDT) Season 1 will be restarting and this time, it is for all regions! You can participate in the tournament by clicking the form link provided! Only the captain of the team needs to register the team. You don't have to be in the same squad to participate and you can find teammates in the regional team-up channels. Only the first 16 teams will be accepted so make sure to find teammates quickly and sign up quickly! There needs to be 6 teammates because we will be needing a sub(temporary) player in case the main players didn't make it in time as well.


    Click this link to sign up, do note that one team only needs one submission! Take note of the rules stated in the document first before filling up the form.

    The Prizes are as follows:

    Champion Team
    - 5 Giftable Skin for the 5 Players that played in the final match and a special MLDT Champion Role on Discord.

    1st Runner Up Team
    - 5 599 Diamonds or Lower priced skins for the 5 Players that played in the final match.

    Note: Skins that were released within past 3 months won't be gifted.

    Registration Link: (This will be closed on 19th of June, but may close early if we got enough teams registering)

    Estimated schedule: June 20 to July 12
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    china oil makasali ako jan hays

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