Mobile Legends Discussion - Harith's Upcoming Adjustment in the Original Server

Harith is one of the former best mages and is a top ban hero. But after his nerf, Harith's popularity decreases quickly. Maybe this is not what the developers wanted that is why they adjusted Harith again and try to make him balance this time.

Harith's Adjustments based on Patch 1.4.40 to Patch 1.4.44 in Advance Server.

Synchro Fission: Base Damage from 120/150/180/210/240/270 to 145/170/195/220/245/270

Then the explosion damage...

From 360/450/540/630/720/810 to

Chrono Dash: CD is decreased to 9s at all levels.

In the early game, Harith will deal stronger damage because of the adjustments made in his first and second skill.
  • At level 4, when Harith uses skill 2 in the Zaman Force and manages to hit an enemy with the enhanced basic attack, Chrono Dash's cooldown will be at most 3 seconds.
  • Every 5% CDR reduces it for 0.45 seconds. That means you need at least 35% CDR to completely remove the cooldown.
  • Though, the basic attack animation makes even a half a second cooldown unnoticeable. That means 25% CDR is enough.

Before this adjustment, you need 40% CDR to use Chrono Dash as much as you can in the Zaman Force.
  • When this is applied in the original server, even with a max CDR from Mage Emblem, Magic Shoes, and a buff makes Harith use Chrono Dash every 0.3 second.
  • Are you that fast-hand? If you do not need that very quick cooldown, then maybe just the mage emblem, buff, and an azure blade is enough for you. That makes it 0.75 second.
  • No buff and just mage emblem with Magic Shoes? 1.2 second is not that long either, compared to 2 seconds if this adjustment won't be applied.
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