Mobile Legends Double 11 Diamond Vault - Get the newest X.Borg Skin Tesla Maniac

The Double 11 Diamond Vault is available in the Shop. It will last until November 16, 2020 Server Time. Players will have a chance to get some diamonds from the Diamond Vault for each participation and a chance to obtain X.Borg's Tesla Maniac Skin.


Each Draw costs 250 diamonds. One draw will give you 5 double 11 diamond vault badges. These badges can be exchanged for prizes. X.Borg's Tesla Maniac Skin is worth 2000 badges. Other Epic Skins are also available and is only worth 1500 badges!

Screenshot_20201109-104831_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

An Elite Skin or higher is guaranteed from a 5-draw that costs 1250 diamonds. Another way to get a guaranteed skin is to obtain gems. There are Skin Gems and Hero Gems. 3 Hero Gems can be assembled to a permanent hero and you will also get an additional Hero Gem. 3 Skin Gems can be assembled to a permanent skin and you will also get an additional Skin Gem.

Screenshot_20201109-105035_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

The probability to get a permanent hero or skin is also high since it has 22.5% while drawing a gem has 77.5%. The Gems can also be disassembled into a certain number of badges.

Screenshot_20201109-105108_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Aside from a chance of winning half diamonds in the prize pool and X.Borg's newest skin, other prizes and skins like Uranus Video Dominator, Lunox Butterfly Seraphim, Hanabi Rakshesha, Gatotkaca Sentinel, Guinevere Lady Crane, and Hayabusa Shadow of Obscurity are available in this limited time event!

Have you already participated in this event? Tell us the prizes that you've won and hope more players will participate too in this event. Stay tuned for more news and updates!