Mobile Legends Double 11 Lottery Event 2021 Skin - Hayabusa Shura

Hayabusa - Shura will be the exclusive Double 11 event skin for the year 2021 which is teased to arrive soon in the Land of Dawn. The teaser was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML:BB. Here are the details of this skin and the upcoming lottery event.


Hayabusa - Shura features a villain theme skin. Hayabusa is wearing a dark color clothing with translucent armors and tattoos covering his body. His red eyes are also a notable feature of this skin and the glowing visual gives off a cool vibe.


For the skill effects, Hayabusa will throw glowing shurikens with his skill 1, Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken. For his skill 2, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, his shadows will be purple. Finally for his ultimate skill, Ougi: Shadow Kill, an avatar will appear first and Hayabusa will quickly strike the target.


Here is the video trailer of this skin:

It was noted in the trailer that the Double 11 Lottery 2021 event will start on November 8 which will more likely include this new skin and previous skin released on last year's Double 11 event (an X.Borg's skin).

Stay tuned for more news and updates!