Mobile Legends Equipment Adjustment: Items Who Got Nerfed and Buffed

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang recently announced on their FB page some of their in-game equipment had undergone some major to minor changes to make them well-balanced for every kind of player. These equipments are Endless Battle, Dominance Ice, Blade of Heptaseas and Twilight Armor.

Here is a definite guide that will help you understand the changes on these equipment as well as who are the Heroes that will greatly benefit from using them.


The unique passive Divine Justice’s true damage that this equipment give to Heroes is now reduced from 85% to 70% physical damage. Despite this, the equipment retain its other benefits like sustaining the hero’s life and mana in the game.

Heroes who will benefit greatly from this item are:

BRUNO - With Endless Battle, Bruno can be tougher in order for him to survive early game clash and potential gank thanks to the lifesteal and additional true damage. He can also use more easily his first skill (or critical strike) because of the mana sustained by Endless Battle.

KARRIE - Same with Bruno, Endless Battle is essential to Karrie because of the lifesteal and true damage benefit. Karrie can now also use her 2nd skill for kiting thanks to the mana boost provided by this equipment.

LING - Ling can use this equipment early to bring her hunting game ASAP. It is also useful during farming because of the lifesteal that enables her to kill monsters effectively.


This equipment is now giving a solid additional damage to your next basic attack through its passive Ambush. The damage increases from 100% to 150% physical ATK +180 base damage.

Heroes who will benefit greatly from this item are:

CHOU - Chou can have an overwhelming damage output with this item plus his passive skill that gives him 200% damage for his next attack.

NATALIA - Combining it with her passive that turn her in stealth mode and gain 300 + 80% total physical attack for back attack, Natalia can now easily kill low HP heroes.

ALDOUS - Aldous can go in assault mode with this equipment plus his1st skill that gives him 100 +100% total physical attack for his next basic attack.


Dominance Ice can has a new recipe which includes Black Ice Shield + Leather Jerkin. The 10% critical reduction was removed and replaced by plus 5% movement speed and increase the range of its Arctic Cold by 20%.

Heroes who will benefit greatly from this item are:

HYLOS - This complements Hylos’s 2nd skill that grant him 5% additional attack speed and slow down to his opponent by 6%. Add the Arctic Cold’s effect and you can now neutralized other heroes with crazy attack speed.

GROCK - Dominace Ice + Grock’s 1st skill that slows down his enemy by 40%can help Grock to chase down his enemy and also give his team mate more time to kill the opposing heroes.

KHUFRA - As an initiator, Khufra gains benefit with Dominance Ice which also comes in handy with his 2nd skill that slows down enemies for 80%. A good combination for both ambushing and chasing down fleeing heroes.


Replaced the 20% critical reduction with 50 HP regeneration.

Use this equipment to counter the following heroes:

BRUNO - This item can lessen the critical strike chances of Bruno and he will be limited with 900 damage per 4 second when you use this equipment.

LESLEY - Like Bruno, Twilight Armor can reduce Lesley’s critical chance due to her 1st skill and limit his damage to 900 damage per 4 second when you use this equipment.

GRANGER - Twilight Armor can counter Granger’s 1st skill critical chance as well as the normal attack that also grants him critical strike.