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May 1, 2019
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Eudora Full In Depth Guide, HeroReview: Eudora Is One Of The Icon Mages Of Mine(along With Valir)

Wonder Why??
  • A true Hero Reaper.1 shot Mage
  • low CDskills
  • Great skill AreaEffectivity
  • Tank Destroyer
  • assassins bane(user dependant)
  • great team carrying Capacity
Eudora in exchange of those good quality Is Undeniably Squishy.Malambot sya.But that doesnt matter.Hindi Sya Famous Pick kase Some Other Mages Can Give Additional CC with dmg like Aurora And Harith.Eudora has been buffed for mamy times.Pag eto Tinuloy tuloy i buff,hay nakp,malay ko lng kung ndi pa sya mapapansin.

Simplified Skill info
Leave a Lightning mark sa kalaban everytime matamaan mo ng skill.Ang susunod na skill dmg ay lalakas.

Eudo cast a forked lightning in a specified area.enemy inside her skill area will be dmg kahit ilan pa sila sa loob.Note that ung skill's electric will jump to all enemy near your main target.
This skill also lower magic resistance of hero target by 30.

Eudo shoots an electric orb that stuns enemy for 0.75 sec.pag may superconductor Mark ang target,madadagdagan ng additional 0.75sec as a stun bonus.(for a total of 1.5sec)single target ang skill na ito.
Eudo calls A thunder to strike all enemy inside her range dealing great damage.

(Skill Combo)
2-1-3(basic kill combo)
1-2-3(anti assassin combo)
pag may assassins na mabibilis like lancelot at gusion or selenagood combo ito to stop them on their tracks.

Recommended Build
  • ClockOfDestiny
  • DemonShoes
  • LightningTrubcheon
  • HolyCrystal
  • BloodWings
  • DivineGlaive

Certified 1Shot Killer si eudo pag eto gamit my own view,Eudora and other similar mages like her should not build some regen items instead focus on Skill Power.Why??Kasi si eudo ay hindi frontliner mage like harith. Clocks passiveAnd BloodWings Give very high dmg and hp which is good enough for your sustain. Holy crystal,CoD+LT,Bloodwings gives 600+ magic power(neutral Stat included) which is great enough to make eudo skills dealhigh burst damage.if you trigger holy crystal,Your magic power raises to 700+(note that ive conducted experiments to prove this).

Divine glaive gives 40 magic pen if the item passive is triggered it will be 70 magic if you remember eudo 1st skill lowers magic resist by 30 so if enemy have 100magic resist it will turn to 70.then ur nxt skill dmg will deal its 100% power since it penetrated perfectly.If your assassin is good and let you take buff,pick either wizard boots/rapid/Arcane effectively.As Ive Recalled all my battle with eudo,this build lets tank feel the great damage of her skills.Once nabuo ni eudo ung CoD at LT iyakan na po yan dear readers.Maski nkashield dama nila.

Common mistake:Building LT before CoD
You should buy CoD first para habang binubuo m ung LT nag iistack na ung CoD para pag nabili m n ung LT malaki na stack ng CoD which will make LT OP at early games.


Mage Emblem
  • Maxed Magic Power
  • MaxedMagic Pen
I recommend Mystery Emblem For Quick Building.Early Dominance maipapangako ko pag eto emblem nio dear readers.

Tricks Guides

How to Check Bushes?
Use First skill.if a purple no. Appear,an enemy is hiding

Best Lane?
Top or Bot,go with ur tank

Should be scared to assassins?
No.As of my Experience,Eudora is quite good at destroying assassins and fighters including squishies

Helcurt is The perfect Counter for Her.If your playing eudo and Hel is present in enemy line up,you must bear in mind na pag aatakihin ka ni hel,2nd skill ang gamitin mo para habang silenced ka,stunned pa sya,making you run quickly or wait ur debuff to be off and kill him with ulti.

Note thar Hel's passive works only if you are near him.Distance is the key.

Eudo is actually good At destryoying Mage assassin as long as you know how to time ur 2nd skill to start ur Combo.
Best pairs?
  • Harith
  • Lolita
  • Johnson (GankDuo)