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Jul 14, 2018
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Question: Clint becomes too weak now
Answer: Every hero-balance adjustment and change are made by the planning team and testing team after elaborate design and careful consideration. At the same time, we also hope that you can give us more detailed suggestions so that we can balance heroes and skills better.

Question: The resurrection time is too long.
Answer: The time of resurrection was decided by the planning team and the development team with multiple calculations. If the resurrection time is too short, it will take too long time to finish one game.

Question: Freya’s second skill cannot stun enemies.
Answer: Only the 3rd strike can stun enemies. We will optimize the display of the skill.

Question: It’s necessary to have a reporting system for chat content.
Answer: We will add the report system for players to report foul languages and abusing words in version 1.1.54.

Question: Players wish to have other accesses to obtain exclusive skins of former seasons.
Answer: We will hold some events in the future to provide another chance for players to get those skins.

Question: About recently lag issue and sudden disconnection.
Answer: We are currently making major adjustments to resolve the connection lag issues in the game, but during this process please note it could cause some users to experience lag or lose connection. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Question: The penalties for AFK players and other players who abuse in chat or quit in the middle of the game need to be aggravated.
Answer: We have the credit score system to reduce the credit of players who go AFK on purpose. When their credit score is lower than the required score, they will be no longer able to join in the ranked game. Of course, we will think of a plan to optimize the mechanism in the further and also hope that every hero can treat your teammates and enemies with a more serious and responsible attitude. As to those players who curse in chat, we will carry out the abusing words report function soon.

Question: The prices of heroes need to have some differences.
Answer: We have discounts for heroes and many gift packs or some other purchase events all the time. Players can check them in the Shop. In addition, we hold official events from time to time, please stay tuned.

Question: Sun needs some buff.
Answer: We will make some adjustments on Sun to improve him in a later update. There're balance adjustments on heroes in almost every update. We hope that players can provide more detailed suggestions for the balance of heroes' skills when giving feedback on different platforms. And we will make some appropriate adjustments according to your gaming experiences.

Question: About target locking issue
Answer: Tapping the avatar in the top left corner, then players can find the system options on the info board. In the system settings page > Controls settings, players can turn on the function of the Last Hit. Then in the battle, you can hit the last hit button to attack minions only. And when the enemy turret’s HP is low, the turret last hit button will show up on the right of the basic attack button. Tap it to attack the turret directly.

Also, players can change the aiming method to the Auto Aim. In the battle, you can tap the minion button at the bottom of the hero button on the right side to switch your target among minions or enemy heroes. Then your hero will lock the target at the unit and launch attacks and will not turn away to attack other units.

Question: Some players think that the 89 days of duration of the new season is kind of long. Old players who experienced all three seasons found that the durations were different every time and are a little confused.
Answer: We will tentatively fix the duration of one season at three months. This is a normal duration also for other MOBA game, but we can analyze if it is necessary to reduce the duration of each season.

Question: Videos, Android users want to have the auto highlight recording function as well.
Answer: Android system does not support this function. Though there are some other screen recording applications. You can download the app and use it to record your gaming videos then send them to our official email: 3 [email protected]

Question: I think that heroes are imbalanced.
Answer: Since the very beginning, we have been considering how to bring the most excellent battles to players. After the game was released, we have made a lot of adjustment for the game, including changing the jungle and minions deployment, adjusting monsters' HP and attack, heroes' movement speed and etc. And we gladly found that the rhythm of the game became better and better.

The game is no longer like the first several versions, in which one man can save the whole world or sec-kill at the first sight. Now players need to cooperate with each other to gank in the early game, rally to push lines together in the mid game, and in the late game, players need to find a good timing to launch the team fights to lay a solid foundation for success.

When we were making those adjustments, we also found out some problems still existing in our game, such as the rhythm of team fights in the late game is too fast: once one side of teams who gets advantages on farming and offense together first, then the team fight will end shortly after. Thus, a first offensive move has become too important, resulting in that it's barely possible to make a comeback.

Therefore, in the future update in the new season, we will make a sizable adjustment to remain the gaming rhythm in the early game but slowed down it in the late game, in order to improve game's fault tolerance and strategic importance of team fights. We will consider making changes from the following aspects:
  • Adjusting the coefficients of heroes' skills and cooldown and basic damage of some area-of-effect skills to prolong the late-game team fights.
  • Adjusting the cooldown of crowd control skills to make timing choosing more important.
  • Adjusting the visual range of heroes and minions to improve early-game gank.
  • d. Adjusting stats of super minions to slow down their line-pushing rhythm, which will allow the disadvantaged team to have chances to fight back.
The adjustments may be involved with all heroes and some basic battleground mechanism, thus we will pay close attention to any changes on battle performance after the update. In the meanwhile, we also hope to receive more feedback from you thus to further improve ML. Thank you very much for your support to ML.

Question: What is MMR?
Answer: MMR (Match Making Rating): In the ranked game, if you use a certain hero for more times and get a higher win rate, the hero's MMR will become higher, as well as its ranking. We will add a note on MMR ranking page to give players a better understanding of it.

Question: I could like to ask for more BP and more different event for earn more BP.
Answer: We will add new coin in the game, then you can buy part of the product with. And also we are always creating different tasks to give you more BP and other attributes. Hope you can enjoying!

Question: About Lag issue.
Answer: Dear players MobileLegends has received intense welcome since it was released. In the meantime, noticing that some players are troubled with some lagging issues, we have been putting efforts on solving this issue and now, we hope to share our progress and some information with you:
  1. As a real-time MOBA game, Mobile Legends will have a higher requirement on the network condition that any other kinds of games. Therefore, some players might be able to play other games normally but encounter lagging issue in Mobile Legends.
  2. Network connection speed differs from network download speed. Some network may be able to download things very fast, however, its response speed of the connection is relatively slow and unstable, making the game lag sometimes.
  3. Now Mobile Legends has players from different regions all over the world. Due to differences and gaps in network tech development that might exist in different regions, some players from certain regions possibly will meet the lagging issue in the game more easily.
  4. During battles, Mobile Legends will require to correspond with the server constantly all the time. Thus, if you are playing the game at some places without a stable network connectivity such as on the subway or bus, then it’s very likely that the game will lag.
  5. To solve above issues, we are now carrying out multiple methods to improve:
  6. We are deploying more servers. In Asia, Europe and America, we are searching for more suitable servers to deploy thus to improve the connectivity for local players.
  7. Our engineers are working on optimizing current communications protocol. And we hope to make a further progress on it in future updates.
  8. We suggest players playing the game under an environment with a stable network signal such as WIFI environment or places with a strong 4G signal.
Thank you very much for your support and love to Mobile Legends, we will keep improving to bring you a better network connection.

Question: There are some players talking bad words and trying to offend other players, what is the solution for this kind of issue?
Answer: We will add report option soon to keep space to talk and play in harmony.

Question: Will there be more Support heroes in the game?
Answer: We plan to release a new hero every week and hope that will give players more choices in matches. Of course, we’ll bring you more Support roles later. Stay tuned!

Question: Can I block other player’s abusive words in chat?
Answer: We have already banned abusive words in chat in 1.1.44 patch and added Block button in the match. Enter the statistics board and you can block a player’s words by tapping the button.

Question: I don’t like the woman’s voice in the battle. Can you bring back us the old voices dubbed by a man?
Answer: We’ll keep bringing you more contents and features in the game. There’ll be more voices in the game for you to select later.

Question: When my team killed an enemy, it said “Ally Slain”. Can you fix the issue?
Answer: We made a mistake when we record the voices. We’ll remove this voice first in the 1.1.46 patch and make a new correct voice ASAP.

Question: I think Natalia is overpowered and unbalanced.
Answer: The designers are already planning to nerf Natalia in 1.1.48 patch. Actually, we’re balancing heroes every week to make the game fairer.

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