Mobile Legends February 2021 Stats Report - Most Banned and Most Picked among Ranks

Are you a returning player that wants to study the current battlefield situation by knowing the top picks and ban? This stat report reflects the most banned heroes in Ranked Games and a separate most picked heroes for Epic and Legend and another for Mythic Rank and Above. Check this out!


Most Banned Heroes
  1. Brody
  2. Natalia
  3. Benedetta
  4. Esmeralda
  5. Helcurt
  6. Johnson
  7. Lancelot
  8. Ling
  9. Mathilda
  10. Paquito
  11. Hanzo
  12. Aldous
Legend and Epic Rank Highest Pick Rate


  1. Tigreal
  2. Guinevere
  3. Silvanna
  4. Franco
  5. Layla
  6. Chou
  7. Zilong
  8. Gatotkaca
  9. Hanabi
  10. Miya
  11. Lesley
  12. Chang'e
Mythic Rank and Above Highest Pick Rate


  1. Chou
  2. Silvanna
  3. Wanwan
  4. Claude
  5. Yi Sun Shin
  6. Yu Zhong
  7. Selena
  8. Lancelot
  9. Jawhead
  10. Gusion
  11. Hayabusa
  12. Lapu-Lapu
In the highest pick rate heroes, the only similar heroes that is part of the top 12 in Epic and Legend Ranks compared to Mythic Rank and Above are Chou and Silvanna. Chou is the most picked hero in Mythic Rank and Above while 6th in Epic and Legend Rank. Meanwhile, Silvanna is the 2nd most picked hero in Mythic Rank and Above while 3rd in Epic and Legend Rank.

This stats will still be accurate and will reflect the current battlefield situation until the next patch notes. Make sure to keep these data in mind and plan your draft to create a strategy that can counter these most appeared heroes.

Share this info to your friends and other players. Stay tuned for more news and updates!
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