Mobile Legends February 2023 Skin Calendar - Fanny and Claude Valentine skins; MPL Skin for Brody

Aside from the hero Arlott, there are at least 3 new skins that will be released all throughout this month of February 2023 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The official MLBB Facebook page posts monthly teasers for the skins that are planned to be release in a specific month. For this second month of 2023, there will also be a collaboration event coming up aside from the Resale of the previous years' Valentines skins.


Starting from the top row of the poster teaser, the visual for the February 2023 Starlight skin, Saber - Iron Hound, is already revealed. Beside it are the names of Fanny and Claude. The poster suggests that it is the February 2023 Valentine skin couple. Estes' Epic skin - Galaxy Dominator will be revamped and its new visuals are still not revealed in this teaser. The last silhouette in the top row is Brody's MPL Skin. The MLBB Professional League (MPL) in different regions will begin at some time around February.


Arlott's default and basic skin are also teased in the poster. Beside it are the Valentine skins of Clint and Layla, and Alucard and Miya. Cecilion and Carmilla also has Valentines skins of their own but it was not shown in the poster. The note in the poster just mentioned "Valentine skin resale" which makes it still unclear if all previous Valentine skins will be part of that resale or if only those in the poster are the ones that will be part of the resale.

Lastly, the hero wallpaper of Yin, Melissa, Xavier, and Julian are in the MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen grid. This suggests that these four heroes will receive a skin each based on their counterpart characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. There are no release dates or other information stated in the poster aside from what was described above. Moonton is expected to make more announcements about skin releases so players need to watch out for those too.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!