Mobile Legends Fighters on Stormy Sea

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Jul 7, 2019
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The World Event: Fighters on Stormy Sea is coming! Get an Elite Skin (worth 599 Diamonds) by finding the right hero from Northern Vale!

Decades ago, the ocean near Northern Vale had been dominated by Bane and his cruel gang of pirates, until they were defeated by a militia led by Franco the fearless! Everyone thought Bane was killed by Franco, but he has returned with the help of a mysterious power! As Northern Vale comes into a crisis unlike any before, which hero will rise and join forces with Franco?

How to participate: log in the game and find clues from the Heroes' stories and post your answer in the comment area!

Event Duration: March 8th - 14th!
Prize: The winner can choose an Elite Skin from 4 options! (Granger's "Doomsday Terminator", Khufra's "Apophis", Chang'e's "Crimson Moon" and Harith's "Stardust")

Note: *Result will be announced in 3 working days after the event ends. *Don't forget to write your Game ID, Server ID and the Elite Skin you want in the comment!