Mobile Legends Fredrinn's first ever Elite skin - Jewel Connoisseur skin review

Valentine's day is upcoming but Fredrinn seems dressing up early for it. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Fredrinn, just got a new skin named Jewel Connoisseur. This is his third skin if his default skin is counted and joins his other basic skin for his collection. Jewel Connoisseur is an Elite type of skin purchasable in the in-game shop. Here are some details about this skin.


Fredrinn in his first ever Elite skin wears a V-neck vest over a V-neck collared sleeved clothing complementing each other and exposes some part of his chest. This gives a cool vibe and it looks like it was open or unbuttoned shirt. His hair looks blonde as it shines through the lighting in the skin's main wallpaper. His trousers wraps up his prince-like outfit while his sword also has gotten a new look. He looks like ready for a Valentine's date and can also go to a battle after that date.

For the skill effects, there is a combination of violet and pink colors in his basic attacks and splash effects of his skills. The trail and splash effects looka pink or has that pink aura just like the color of his top cloth. The Area-of-effect and borders are covered in violet which also has a similar color with the gems found below his HP bar in-battle. Fredrinn's skills overall are just full of splash effects and trails so it is nice how this Elite skin can be on par with higher rarity skins just from those details.


There was no skin trailer video for Jewel Connoisseur before release so to check for the visual effects, players have to check it in-game. The skill effects also varies depending on the in-game settings. There is also seem no indication that this will be time-limited so it's expected to be available in the shop even after it's discounted week.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!