Mobile Legends Free Luo Yi Skin


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Jul 7, 2019
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515 2020: "515 eParty" – Event Rewards. Sneak a peek at the 515 eParty awesome event with awesome rewards! Get the new Hero, Luo Yi, for free just by logging in on May 16th! The rewards of the 515 Wishing Wall can be claimed then as well!

Don't miss out on these amazing rewards on May 16!

Furthermore, you can pre-order the Party Box on May 16 and log in to get a guaranteed Elite Skin for free at the 1st draw on May 23rd! Feeling hyped? See you in-game on May 16th!

Learn more about the Yin-yang Geomancer in this all-new episode of Hero Spotlight!

She introduces an unprecedented game mechanic with her Ultimate Teleportation Skill! In essence, she balances light and dark energies much like Lunox, but is quite different! She marks enemies with Yin and Yang marks to cause destructive reactions! Luo Yi, along with her Skin "Yin-yang Mage", will be released on May 16th! Log in on that day to get her for free!
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