Mobile Legends Free Martis "Deathrock" Skin Event - Tips and Tricks

Guild of Guardians
The Special skin of Martis "Deathrock" comes back for a limited time! The event duration is until June 15, 2020. Just seven advance draws will give you a Guaranteed Deathrock Skin. Here are some tips and tricks to get the skin easily.

This 9-day event gives at most 8 party chords a day. These party chords will be used to draw from the "Normal Draw" and "Advance Draw". Each Normal Draw consumes 4 party chords and the Advance Draw consumes 6 party chords.

7 Normal Draws will give you a guaranteed Martis Permanent Battle Emote. 7 Advance Draw will give you a guaranteed Martis Deathrock Special Skin. If you want to obtain both these two grand prizes, you need to complete all the tasks everyday to obtain at least 70 party chords in total.

Here are the tasks:

1. Log-in

By simply logging-in, you will be given 1 party chord.

2. Share the event

Just click the "Go" Button next to this task so that you can share this event via a social media account. This will give you 2 party chords.

Tasks 3 and 4 are random tasks. Task 3 gives another 2 party chords and commonly only requires 1 game to be finished. Task 4 gives 3 party chords which requires at least 3 games to be finished.

If you are a not-so-active player that only finishes task 1 and 2 everyday, you can only get 27 party chords and will only allow you to draw 4 times in the advance draw or 7 times in the normal draw.

It is still fine since you can still get the Martis Battle Emote just by completing task 1 and 2 everyday. If you really want to get the Martis Special Skin, you need to complete at least 3 tasks everyday.

What if you missed some tasks and you only need 1 or 2 party chords for a guaranteed Battle Emote or Deathrock Skin? Let this give you the location of the hidden two party chords!

You might have notice the "cube" next to the prize pool and above the words "Music Day". Just click that cube to get extra 2 party chords!

That's all for this guide! Tune in for more helpful contents.


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Jun 10, 2020
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basta laro lng ng laro every day. then share the event. para sure na merong makukuha. thank you po dto idle