Mobile Legends Free Skin Harley Starcaster special skin details preview

Another free skin will be given to the players of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and this time, it will be for the hero, Harley, this September to October 2022. The name of the skin is Harley - Starcaster. A preview of this skin was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB. It was mentioned in there that this skin can be obtained for free by joining the events and here are some of the details as revealed in the trailer video.


Harley - Starcaster gives a new look for the magician hero. He is wearing blue and white clothing in this skin which is also the dominant colors in his hat and weapon. This skin looks simple but this skin is definitely worth as a special rarity type or higher by 2022 standards not only because of the skin model but also the skill effects.


His skill 1, Poker Trick, gives a new look on the cards that he throws and there are also stars along with splash effects upon hitting the target. Instead of his hat, he leaves a teleportation device which looks like a moon for his skill 2, Space Escape. His ultimate skill also did not disappoint as it gives another concept on how his ultimate skill works with the planet rotation visual that surrounds his target.

Here is the official video trailer of this skin:

There is no specific date of release mentioned but this skin is expected to come along with the huge September 2022 global server update. The video trailer hinted that this skin can obtained for free via the Event tab in-game. The tentative release of the original server update is on September 20, 2022 so this skin might be available until the next month, which event/s might last until October 17, 2022.

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