Mobile Legends Free Skin! Revive the Hero at Rest!

Invite your friends to revive the Hero at rest and you will stand a chance to obtain Epic Skins. Moreover, abundant rewards including amazing Skin Trial Cards, Fortune Meteorite and Battle Emotes await!

1. Event time (Server Time): Dec 16—20, 2019;
2. Please log in first to participate in the event;
3. There are four phases during the whole Event. Once you have gained enough Nurture Points, you could unlock rewards in each phase. Log in to participate the Event to claim the abundant rewards;
4. During the event, collect enough Nurture Points and the magnificent rewards are yours! Higher Nurture Points grant more and better rewards;
5. Send the event link to your friends or post it on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social platforms. For each friend logging in via the link you share, you'll get 1 Nurture Point;
6. Help other players to earn Nurture Points for them and yourself! You have 5 chances to help other players every day. Each help grants 1 Nurture Point to you and the friend you've helped. You can help each friend once only every day;
7. During the event, complete all the tasks of sharing links and log in the game on Dec 21 to claim the Ultimate Chest in your Mail. And you will stand the chance to get a Permanent Epic Skin;
8. There may be a certain delay on rewards issuance. If you don't receive the rewards after a long time, please contact us via Customer Service;
9. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reserves all the right of final interpretation of this event.

Dear players, I am sorry to announce a heartbreaking news. Belerick, the Guard of Nature, has confirmed the death. He had lost his place in the Land of Dawn. Who does it? Read the comics about Belerick to find out the answer!

Participate in the event to revive Belerick and he will come back to us with a new look.Just click the link to get involved!

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