Mobile Legends Frenzy Mode


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Nov 4, 2018
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Time-Limited Arcade Mode Frenzy Mode is back, Ham, Tin, and Candy Corn:corn:! Frenzy Mode is back!Do you remember the piquant battle feast of the last time? Now it's time to enjoy it again. Let's go to the battlefield and fight!

Event Duration: August 2 to August 4!

Introduction on Frenzy Mode:

Pick up Food items to enhance your ability

Food items refresh at the following spots:
  1. Where some of the creeps are killed;
  2. Where some of the special minions are killed
  3. Supply spots
  4. Where enemy heroes are killed

Gold - The next kill / assist yields large amounts of gold
Red Tin - Greatly enhance Attack Speed and Critical Rate
Candy Corn - Become invisible, Use Basic Attack or Skills will force the here to become visible again
Random - Get a random effect

Rubber Candy - Respawn upon death and restore all HP and Mana
Blue Tin - Greatly reduces cool down of all skills and increases Mana regeneration speed
Green Tin - Greatly increases Movement Speed
Hard Candy - Decrease defense power. Deals a large sum of damage to nearby enemies upon death and reduce the time of this respawn
Ham - Increases the size, as well as HP, Attack Power and Defense Power

  • Double EXP Card and Trial Card are available in this Mode
  • Grades gained from this mode can be converted to Medal Points
  • Achievements under modes can not be completed under Frenzy Mode. Nor will the date be shown in Profile
  • Tasks and events that are irrelevant to this mode can not be completed under this mode. (Exception: Daily Tasks and Frenzy mode related tasks)