Mobile Legends Fun Bingo Event Guide! - Free Permanent Nana Battle Emote

Fun Bingo event is a two-week long event wherein the grand prize is a permanent Nana Battle Emote - Double Kawaii. It has 16 tasks and 9 total prizes along with the grand prize. The event will end on June 15, 2020

The 16 tasks can be further simplified into a smaller number of task and let this guide share to you how to finish this event as fast as possible.

Trick #1: Log-in for 7 days

That means you have to log-in at least once a day for 7 days. The event day starts at 4PM in Philippine Standard Time. For example, if you log-in today at 8 PM, then log-in again tomorrow after 4 PM to get 2 out of 7 for this task.

This will cover 4 of the 16 tasks in total!

Trick #2: Win at least 3 Classic/Ranked Matches with a Friend!

Actually, you are only required to play twice with a friend. But in order to win easily, tell your friend that you will play 3 times and those 3 matches must be a victory to quickly finish another 5 out of the remaining 12 tasks!

Trick #3: Do the other tasks while in-game!

There are tasks like Kill 15 turtle or lords, deal 200,000 points of damage, eliminate 60 heroes, and obtain 30 assists. This will take an average of 14 games to complete. If you want to finish the tasks within 7 days, just play twice a day while keeping in mind to always kill the turtle or lord and always participate in teamfights. You can still do this with a friend to help you clear these another 5 tasks!

Final requirement: Obtain 1000 active points

If you can at least get 130 active points daily, then it will take 8 days for you to totally finish all of the tasks and get the Permanent Nana Battle Emote!

List of prizes:

Nana - Hero trial card
Light & Dark - Spawn Effect 3-day trial
Double Exp Card 3-day
Nana Slumber Party - Trial card 7-day
Magic Chess Bundle
Carp Windsocks Fluttering Recall - Trial 3-day
2 Lucky Spin Ticket
Double BP Card 3-day
Nana Battle Emote - Double Kawaii (Permanent)

Enjoy the game while completing the tasks to get the prizes! Just play at least one hour a day and you can complete all the tasks.

Tune in for more guides and informative contents!