Mobile Legends Grim Strangler's Call Event - Chance to Get Natalia's Special Skin at a Lower Price

Natalia - Grim Strangler is Natalia's third special skin. Unlike her other special skins, you have a chance to obtain Grim Strangler in less than 749 diamonds, which is the price of a special skin if bought in shop. What's great about this event is aside from getting a skin, other rewards can also be obtained. Grim Strangler's Call event will last until September 27, 2020.

Mobile Legends Grim Strangler a.png

The rules of this event are simple, try your luck in summoning the skin at a maximum of eight tries. The first summon is free and it will be probably a trial card of Grim Strangler so even free-to-play players can try to use this new skin.

Mobile Legends Grim Strangler b.png

Here are the rewards aside from the Grim Strangler permanent skin:
  • 1 Grim Strangler 1-day trial card
  • 10 Magic Dust
  • 2 Hero Fragments
  • 1 Grim Stranger 3-days trial card
  • 1 Premium Skin Fragment Chest
  • 1 Magic Dust Chest
  • 1 Rare Skin Fragment Chest
Each summon gives you a chance to get one of these rewards.

Mobile Legends Grim Strangler c.jpg

What's the chance of getting the permanent skin within 8 summons? Here is a list showing the chance of getting the skin along with its diamond cost.
  • 1st Summon - Free - 0.0001%
  • 2nd Summon - 10 - 0.10%
  • 3rd Summon - 40 - 3%
  • 4th Summon - 70 - 6%
  • 5th Summon - 100 - 11%
  • 6th Summon - 135 - 18%
  • 7th Summon - 175 - 25%
  • 8th Summon - 219 - 100%
Mobile Legends Grim Strangler d.jpeg

This proves that you can really get this skin without spending any diamonds. Are you that 1 out of 10,000 players who can get this skin for free? Try your luck and make sure to not waste this chance to join this event!

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