Mobile Legends Grock Guide - The wall is his hidden ally

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Nov 25, 2019
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Grock is one of the tanks that is currently considered as irreplaceable because of his uniqueness. Being hard to be replaced is one of the reasons why he stays at the top of every tank tier list every month. Tier lists are misinterpreted by many as a list of power/popularity. Though it is a factor but the main factor is the irreplaceability of a hero. For example, before Bruno is reworked, he is one, wait I mean he really is the most replaceable hero since the release of Lesley on Season 7. His passive crit can be replaced by Lesley's passive. His non-ult skills has almost similar utilization with Lesley especially in higher tiers. Bruno's only uniqueness at that time was his second skill that has a long dash plus a stun.

Take note that Grock is not a setter-type that has CC unlike Khufra, Akai, and Minotaur. His main role also is not to protect. It is actually to zone out enemies. He also needs to harass the enemies as much as possible.

If your team doesn’t know what Grock's playstyle is and how Grock is OP in early game, and they dont know how to abuse his damage to harass the enemy and steal farm, then Grock will not be in its full potential. That is why he is quite unpopular in solo ranking even in Epic to Legend Tier.

Grock Skills

Skill 1: Power of Nature

Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and slowing their movement speed. The longer he charges, the higher the damage is. Stay near to wall to gain immunity to crowd control effects

Tip: Take note of the CC immunity. You have to be near a wall. This also clears minion waves very fast and can even kill low HP enemies.

Skill 2: Guardian’s Barrier

Fires a shockwave towards a target location, dealing physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies.

Tip: Put the wall adjacent to the other obstacles around the map to completely block enemy's escape route.

Ultimate: Wild Charge

Charges forward, dealing physical damage to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall or a turret allows him to deal physical damage to the nearby enemies and reduce skill cooldown by 30%

Tip: Find the nearest wall to hit and don't use it on tank, use this on the carry hero to maximize the damage and causing them to be knocked up and receiving the AoE damage from the crash.

Passive: Ancestral Gift

Increases his movement speed and physical and magical defense and hp regen that increases with level when Grock is near a wall or a turret.

Tip: Just stick to wall because it gives you additional stats making the whole map an unobvious ally.


Emblems Recommendations:

1. Focusing Mark or Pull Yourself Together Talent (Support Emblem)
  • 3 pts for Movement Speed and Hybrid Regen


The movement speed is really useful to chase low HP heroes and kill them using your first skill or simply just rotating around the map. The hybrid regen is also good because of his passive plus he consumes mana a lot especially if you are spamming his first skill.

  • Use Focusing Mark if you think that the enemy is tanky. This is a pick for me if the enemy has two tanks making them a little squishy after casting skills at them.
  • Pull Yourself Together if the enemy has a lot of damage. Your resurrecting time and battle spell cooldown will be shorter. This is helpful especially if your spell has long cooldown like Flicker or Sprint or even Execute.

2. Festival of Blood (Fighter Emblem) or Bounty Hunter (Assassin Emblem)

Just maximize Movement Speed and Physical Penetration at Bounty Hunter and Maximize Physical Damage and Physical Penetration for the Fighter emblem.

This is commonly used in Classic because Grock is built as a damage hero.

3. Tank Emblem Tenacity Talent
  • Put 3 points on both the HP and CDR

Battle Spell Recommendation
  • Retribution: To help your team farm. You don't use this to steal buff, you use this to help your carry farm. This is the best spell if your carry hero uses the Veteran Hunter Talent. Even if you are the one that used Retribution, your carry will still get the extra 50 gold. Use this also when the teammates don’t use retribution. This can be use to steal objectives from the enemy.
  • Execute: With your high movement speed, you have a chance to chase and kill escaping low HP heroes.
  • Sprint: This is very good if you want to invade the enemy at the start of the game. This boosts your movement speed that is very useful in situations like chasing or even escaping.

Build Guide

As a tank you should know how to adjust your build depending on the enemy. But here's some ideal items for Grock
  • Warrior or Tough Boots - This depends on the enemy line-up
  • Demon Shoes - Grock sometimes runs out of mana if you keep spamming his skills. But if you are using support emblem, you don't need this item.
  • Athena’s shield - Mage is a threat in early game especially those who can spam their skills or the DPS heroes. Magic defense on early game is a common thing to do because Mages are early to mid game heroes while Marksman heroes are good in late game. Just don't build this item when against Esmeralda.
  • Antique Cuirass - Assassin is also a threat in early game. This item reduces their physical attack up to 18% at 3 stacks.
  • Courage Mask - Buy wooden mask at the start of the match then fully build it into Courage Mask after two core items.

Other Defense Items
  • Cursed Helmet or Oracle can substitute Athena's Shield if the enemy team has Esmeralda.
  • Dominance Ice and Blade Armor are also situational Physical defense items
  • Immortality is also good. Its passive is useful plus it gives 800 HP and 40 Physical Defense.
Gameplay Tips

Start the match by buying wooden mask. Then, help your marksman to get the orange buff. Then the next steps depends on your carry hero. Don't roam around the map or get away too far from your teammates.

For 1-2-2 laning, recommended lane is midlane along with an Assassin or Mage. There is 2 possible things to do after clearing the first wave.

Steal buff of the enemy (if 3 or more of you goes to the buff after clearing the lane quickly) or help your teammate to get a buff.

Always remember to kill the lithowanderer for the walkie grass buff. It is very helpful in many ways like it gives advantage in teamfights or in invading. When you are trying also to get the lord or the turtle, it is wise to have a walkie grass buff first before engaging.

In a teamfight you must go behind the enemy and harass the backline heroes making them fall back leaving their fighter or tank or assassin behind. Help your team to get kills.

A Grock pick is very good if your team has a lot of mobile heroes. They should protect themselves and must know proper positioning because your role is to zone out the enemies.

Grock is powerful if your team cooperates with you. That is why he is a pick or a ban in professional tournaments and seldom in solo ranking.

Final tip: Grock, even though his role is not a protector, has a way to help your team avoid ambush. Grock can use his first skill while going into the bush to absorb the enemy CC and somehow deal damage.

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