Mobile Legends Guide - Best Heroes to use to counter Uranus

Uranus is currently considered the best hero to be used as an offlane. In the Philippine scene, Uranus is a priority ban or pick in professional tournaments and even in very high elo ranked games. Even other countries like Indonesia and Singapore also acknowledges the strength of Uranus.

Uranus is really hard to deal with if you don't know how to counter him or you are using a hero that can hardly fight against him. This guide will help you to deal with Uranus especially when he is open and the enemy picked it.

Here are the best heroes to pick when you see Uranus on the enemy draft:

1. Esmeralda


She is the commonly known counter to Uranus. It is because Uranus gains shield when he uses skill 2 so that means more shield for Esmeralda to acquire. Also in terms of mechanics, it will be a win-win situation for Esmeralda. When Uranus tries to fight, Esmeralda can abuse her skill 1 and skill 2 combo which can give Esmeralda unli-shield in the midgame.

If Uranus just let Esmeralda clear the wave, then Esmeralda will gain more control and Uranus can't do his usual role which is to cut lanes.

2. Silvanna


She is one of the current underrated heroes. She might be bad against 1-2-2 or against a Marksman sidelaner but when against Uranus, she can definitely scare Uranus away and prevent him to clear the lane fast. Silvanna lacks poke ability but since Uranus' damage skill is short-ranged, her weakness is out of consideration. Silvanna is one of the fastest heroes to clear lanes using her skill 2. Having also a crowd control skill in her skill 1 and ultimate skill can prevent Uranus to escape and regenerate health.

She can burst Uranus down in one combo as long as she manages to zone out Uranus which also means Uranus has no passive stacks. No passive stacks for Uranus also means no health regeneration. Silvanna can also use the Necklace of Durance item.

3. Lunox


She is one of the mage heroes that can also be effective in offlane. It is already a common knowledge that she excels in 1v1, has sustain, has decent wave clear and has defensive mechanics. Those characteristics makes her a good offlaner. In terms of countering Uranus, it is also a common knowledge that Lunox counters high HP heroes.

She can also build Necklace of Durance. Lunox can burst Uranus down and Uranus' health regeneration won't be enough since Lunox' sustain and burst damage will overwhelm Uranus.

4. Baxia


The only current hero that has a passive that can reduce the enemy's health regeneration just like the passive of Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance. He is also proven to be effective in offlane. His ability to quickly roam around the map and his skill 2 makes him a great offlaner while along with his passive, he can counter Uranus.

5. Karrie


How about a funnel hero that can counter Uranus? Karrie is a perfect choice. She is also known to counter high HP heroes just like Lunox. She also helps not only to counter Uranus but also to quickly melt the enemy main tank. Having the enemy tank and Uranus out of the battle will give a big advantage to Karrie and her team during teamfights.

In 1-2-2 laning, Karrie will also probably face Uranus and she can zone out Uranus well and can win even if alone. Solo sidelane Karrie can also work as long as there is another carry hero in the team which is probably an assassin. So whatever strategy your team wants to do, Karrie is really a good pick against Uranus.

Other heroes can also work decently against Uranus just like Thamuz with Sea Halberd and Cursed Helmet. The mentioned heroes in this guide is just some of the best and already proven counters to Uranus.

This guide was made because it is one of the most searched and requested to us. So if you have requests, feel free to tell us. Share this guide and comment your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more guides and updates.