Mobile Legends Guide - Four Tank Heroes that better use Support Emblem than Tank Emblem

There are tank heroes which are already tanky enough to not need the Tenacity Talent and at the same time, does not benefit much from other tank emblem talents. This is why support emblem is also a better option.

Another advantage of using support emblem is for the HP and Mana Regen Stat aside from the higher movement speed bonus. The disadvantage is that the maximum cooldown reduction might not be achieved. Other defense stats are also minimal in the support emblem than tank emblem. But since there are tanks that has the ability to increase their own defenses, using Tank Emblem will be inefficient.

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One good example of an ability that can increase defense stats is Minotaur's Rage Mode. Although, Minotaur won't be discussed much for this guide since he is better with Tenacity due to the nerf on his Physical Defense.

The reason why Support Emblem can be a better option is because of a certain talent that benefits some tank heroes. It is the Pull Yourself Together Talent.

Pull Yourself Together Talent provides resurrection time and battle spell cooldown reduction. It is helpful for tanks that uses spell with long cooldown like Flicker. Lower resurrection time can also help tank heroes to get back in action quickly after dying so that they won't waste much time and have more time to accumulate experience and gold.

Let's enumerate the heroes that will benefit from this emblem configuration.

1. Atlas - He is already tanky because of his passive which gives hybrid defense. He also uses the Flicker spell to set teamfights with much higher success.


2. Grock - Another tank that gains hybrid defense from its passive. Also uses Flicker as battle spell.

3. Akai - In the current META, he is commonly used as a protector rather than a setter. His ultimate skill is not as good compared to other tanks that can easily disable many heroes within a wide area. That is why his crowd control skills are being used to protect the core hero. But you can still use Akai to initiate against solo enemies. So by analyzing the current META, Akai is better for this emblem configuration. He can use Flicker then Ult to knockback some targets (although most of the time you can only knockback one target to your team) or even Sprint as a battle spell.


4. Lolita - If used as the only tank, better use Tenacity since Lolita also is a bit squishy conpared to hard tanks. But if she will only be a secondary tank or support type, you can use Pull Yourself Together Support Emblem Talent especially for her Flicker Spell.

Those are the tank heroes that benefits more from the support emblem than the tank emblem. One of their common attributes is that their battle spell is a crucial part of their effectiveness aside from the fact that they are already tanky.

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