Mobile Legends Guide: Importance of Emblems

For better understanding especially for beginners, this discussion will discuss the basic informations about emblem and its importance as a player progresses.

There are two common emblems and seven custom emblems

Common emblems
  • Physical emblem
  • Magical emblem
Custom emblems
  • Marksman emblem
  • Tank emblem
  • Mage emblem
  • Assassin emblem
  • Fighter emblem
  • Support emblem
  • Jungle emblem
These emblems gives stats and benefits depending on how you configure your emblem set.

The Physical Common Emblem is generally used by all physical damage heroes while Magic Common Emblem is used by all magical damage heroes.

The custom emblems are more specialized for specific roles.

As a free-to-play player, it will really take time to maximize the level of all of the emblem sets. Here are some tips to level up emblems faster.

1. Claim free chests every 4 hours
2. Play several games to get medal chest
3. Watch out for events
4. Finish daily and weekly tasks
5. Be active as much as possible

Importance of Emblems

1. The stats given by emblems gives you an advantage early game.

For example, you are using a lower level Mage Emblem than your opponent. That means you are at a disadvantage because Mage Emblem gives 29 Magic Power at max level. If your mage emblem only gives you 17 Magic Power, it gives your opponent a higher chance to snowball and dominate the game.

2. The talent of emblems also provides an extra ability depending on which emblem and talent is chosen.

For example, the support emblem talent Pull Yourself Together gives a hero an ability to resurrect faster and use battle spell with a shorter cooldown.

3. Proper selection of emblem also gives an advantage.

For example, you are using a physical damage dealer but you are using Mage Emblem. That is not a good selection because Physical Common Emblem and Specific Custom emblems will give you more stat and they ars much more appropriate and suitable for the hero.

4. Emblems can also dictate your gameplay

For example, you are using Jungle Emblem Mage Killer Talent that gives a hero an ability to deal more damage to turtle, lord and turrets. That means in order to fully utilize the emblem, your playstyle should focus, based on the example situation, in securing objectives like pushing turrets and securing the turtle and lord.

Final Notes

1. Even though you might have a better skill than your opponent but your emblems have lower level, that is a factor why beginners can not rush themselves to Mythic Rank. Most players in Epic and higher ranks have maximized their emblems. Sometimes, it is not because you lack skill but you lack experience with the game.

2. Take time to maximize emblems. Do not rush things unless you have enough financial asset to buy in-game resources to quickly maximize your emblem set and even buy all of the heroes and skins.

Be patient. Take time to fully understand the game. If you have questions or suggestions for a guide you are looking for, just tell us below.