Mobile Legends Guide on Aura PH Diggie Feeding Strategy Explained!

In Week 1 Day 2 of the Regular Season, Aura PH surprised everyone with a Feeding Diggie in their Game 1 against Execration. Have you wondered why Aura PH won the game? Let this guide help you.

When a hero has 8 consecutive deaths with no-kill stat, the enemy who killed that hero won't gain any gold. That is why Diggie feeding won't affect much the gold count difference.

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If you noticed in the post-match stat, Aura PH's Rafflesia who used Diggie has a KDA stat of 0-21-14. He really avoided getting a kill since it will reset his value back to 200 golds.

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Every hero is basically worth 200 golds per kill. It decreases every time that hero dies. Killing a hero with 1 death will give you only 170 golds, not 200. Killing a hero with 2 deaths will give you only 140 golds. Following this pattern, killing a hero with 7 deaths will give you only 20 golds. Lastly, killing a hero with 8 consecutive deaths or more without a kill stat will give you 0 gold.

This system was made by the developers to prevent feeders from ranked games to completely troll the game. That is why this gold system existed. This also goes the same with heroes that got consecutive kills. A hero that has 4 consecutive kills without death will have a value of 280 golds when it is killed and so on.

Using the formula of the Sum of Arithmetic Sequence, you will get a sum of 770 golds. That is the only price that Aura PH pays in exchange for many things. What are those things? Let's list them up!

1. The enemy funnel needs to be conscious if Diggie is around when taking a buff.

This tactic also involves having Diggie use the Retribution Spell. The buff gives around more than a hundred gold and some exp too. This makes Diggie's allies have more farm than the enemies. Diggie can also give information to his allies when it is a good time to invade the enemy buff too.

2. Time

The time that it takes Diggie to be killed is also part of the delay tactic to avoid those who will try to kill Diggie to use that time to kill Diggie for lesser gold and exp rather than farming. Diggie really tries to survive longer and even at the cost of its ultimate skill just for that extra shield for durability.

3. More farm for the Carry Hero than the enemy hero

Imagine a team fight between a carry hero with the orange, purple, and turtle buff against a carry hero that can't get any buff since Diggie uses Retribution to steal it. Also, the enemy hero has lower gold, which also means fewer items. Lower exp too which means lower stats. The one who has the advantage is clear, right?

4. Vision

This is very important too. The information that you can give to your teammates will help you strategize more. For example, your team can push a weakly defended lane by knowing where the carry hero and other enemies are. Your allies can also take objectives like Turtle. Your allies can also prepare to ambush the enemy carry hero.

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Why Diggie?

He is the only hero that can be useful even if he is waiting for resurrection and can be resurrected anywhere in the map, unlike other heroes that will start at the base.

That is why the vision and his capability to simply annoy and disrupt the enemy strategy makes him perfect for this tactic.

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diggie is the only hero that can be useful even if he is waiting for resurrection and can be resurrected anywhere in the map unlike other heroes that will start at the base.