Mobile legends Guide on How to counter Gusion using Marksman?

Gusion is one of the heroes that is generally banned by solo queue players but not by most pro players currently. One of the reasons why Gusion is not a priority ban by pro players is because they already know how to counter Gusion. In this guide, there will be general tips on how to counter Gusion and specific ways for marksman to make enemy Gusion inefficient. Make sure to read until the end of this guide.

How to counter Gusion generally?

1. Disable him

A hero with crowd control skill is an essential one in every team composition. Disabling any hero using a crowd control skill is a good way of countering them.

Example: Moskov can stun enemies using 2nd skill. Just stay near the wall. When Gusion dash towards you using first skill, you can just reposition and use 2nd skill to stun him.

2. Build Magic Defense Item

This will reduce the damage that Gusion deals with your hero.

Example: Claude can build Rose Gold Meteor so that Gusion cannot burst him down in one combo. Claude can use his fast movement speed to escape or use his second skill.

3. Build Immunity Item.

Wind of Nature only works against Physical Damage. Since Gusion deals Magical Damage, Wind of Nature is not good to counter him. Winter Truncheon is the one that works against him. But this item is only good for magic damage dealers, thus, Rose Gold Meteor is really the best item that a Marksman can build against Gusion.

Those are the general ways to counter Gusion. Here are more specific ways a Marksman can counter Gusion.

1. For Marksman that have blink skills, do not use your blink skill or even Flicker immediately. Just try to avoid the daggers by moving while Gusion uses first skill towards you.

Why? It is because if you use it too early, Gusion will still be teleported to your current location not to your location before you use a blink skill.

2. Rose Gold Meteor won't be a waste of item slot and gold for your marksman.

Why? It gives Physical Attack Stat and Physical Lifesteal aside from the Magic Defense and Passive that can help you survive Gusion's full combo.

3. Avoid his first skill.

If Gusion doesn't hit you with first skill, he will have a hard time to reach you at the backline. This is one of the most important tip to keep in mind so that you won't be afraid of Gusion. Gusion is one of the most difficult heroes to use because of his mechanics.

  • When using Granger, use 2nd skill at the right time then use 1st skill while moving. That way, you can kill Gusion before he can kill you. You can evade better with the Hunter's Strike Item's Passive.
  • When using Kimmy, you can poke Gusion because you can move and circle around while dealing basic attacks. Also use your 2nd skill properly.
  • When using Wanwan, maximize your passive by jumping after every basic attack to make it hard for Gusion to target you. If his 1st skill hits you, then use your ultimate skill if available depending on the situation.
  • When using Karrie, Clint, Claude, or Yi Sun Shin, use your 2nd skills at the right time. Know when you can use it offensively or defensively.
  • When using Bruno or Moskov, you can use the CC from your 2nd skill to disable him for a few moments and then burst him down.
  • When using Irithel, you can use your ultimate skill as your blink skill.
  • When using Lesley, you can use your second skill to knockback Gusion then use your first skill to reposition or escape.
  • When using Miya, you can use your ultimate skill as your mobility skill.
  • When using Layla or Hanabi, picking flicker as battle spell can serve as your blink ability.

Hope you won't be very afraid of fighting against a Gusion Player after reading this guide until the end. Tune in for more guides.