Mobile Legends Guide on how to counter the best marksman heroes in the current META

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    The META as of now is dominated by marksman. It is generally accepted that it is because of the red buff and adjustments to some marksman heroes. The current best marksman are Bruno, Granger, Kimmy, and Wanwan. They are all S+ Tier Marksman in the current patch. In this guide, it will be discussed the ideas on how to counter each of them.

    How to counter Marksman Heroes generally?

    1. Disable them

    A hero with crowd control skill is an essential one in every team composition. Disabling any hero using a crowd control skill is a good way of countering them.

    2. Build Proper Defense Item

    This will reduce the damage that Marksman deal. Most marksman are physical damage that is why physical defense items are good counters. In the case of Kimmy, a combination of a physical and magical defense item is necessary to lessen her basic attack and skill damage.

    3. Use heroes that have the ability to be immune to basic attacks

    Example: Aldous. He can be immuned to basic attacks by using skill 2. He is also very good late game just like other marksman heroes.

    To name a few, Karina and also Lolita has the ability to counter marksman heroes naturally because of their skill sets and abilities.

    Those are the general ways to counter marksman heroes. Here are more specific ways to counter the best marksman heroes.


    How to counter Bruno?

    Use Dominance Ice
    Dominance Ice lessens Crit Chance and Attack Speed too.

    Use Blade Armor
    This gives very high physical defense. This is very good against a Bruno that build Attack Speed items like Demon Hunter Sword.

    Use Antique Cuirass
    What if Bruno does not build Demon Hunter Sword but Endless Battle instead? The HP from Antique Cuirass can help in absorbing the extra true damage from Endless Battle.


    How to counter Granger?

    Use Lolita
    Lolita can deny Granger's attacks using her second skill

    Use an assassin with two blink abilities
    Assassins should kill Granger easily. The requirement is two blink abilities is because Granger has a blink skill too.

    Example: Gusion can use first skill to dash to Granger. When Granger uses his second skill, you still have your ult to catch Granger.


    How to counter Kimmy?

    Use Lolita
    Lolita can deny Kimmy's basic attacks and skill 1.

    Use Belerick
    Belerick can kill Kimmy without doing anything! Just let Kimmy attack you and she will die because of your passive.

    Use Blade Armor
    Any tanks with Blade Armor can kill Kimmy especially in late game.
    Use Brute Force Chestplate or Antique Cuirass

    Both of these items can lessen the physical and magic damage that the item holder takes.


    How to counter Wanwan?

    Use Khufra
    Khufra can prevent Wanwan from continuous jumping while using basic attacks. Khufra also has a lot of other source of crowd control.

    More than one crowd control
    Since Wanwan can use her second skill to eliminate crowd control effects, you need more than one to counter her.

    End the game as fast as possible
    Unlike the first three marksman heroes in this list, Wanwan does not shine in early game. She is also much easier to kill compared to Granger, Bruno, and Kimmy.

    I hope you learned something in this guide. Tune in for more guides about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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    Good Work, Graphics are good and running smoothly on my low end pc as well.

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