Mobile Legends Guide on How to Get Free Allstar Event 2024 Skins

The annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALL STAR Event 2024 is currently ongoing, with a bunch of activities and rewards awaiting.


The MLBB All Star is a limited-time event that will run from March 16 to April 30, featuring free skins that can be obtained by completing the event's daily tasks.

Here are the following exclusive free skins and how to obtain them:

Esmeralda “Astral Muse”

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Esmeralda’s astral muse can be obtained by accumulating a total of 1,600 sparkle energies. Sparkle Energy is earned after completing daily tasks in the Team Up, Enjoy the Beats event.

If you happen to miss out and are unable to finish the daily tasks, the Astral Muse skin can be purchased in the event shop for 800 Sparkle Glow Sticks, which can be earned via different sources, including the Sparkle Melissa Battle Pass.

Esmeralda “Stellar Muse” Painted Skin

The painted version of Stellar Muse can be obtained for free by earning the required points in the Extra Affinity Rewards Event. Points can be earned daily by playing matches with friends or completing a task that does not require a team-up.

It is also available in the event shop for 190 sparkle glow sticks. And note that you will have to first acquire the Stellar Muse skin before using the painted version.

Lolita “Astro Mallet”

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Lolita’s Astro Mallet skin can be acquired for free in the MLBB ALL STAR event shop for 800 Sparkle Glow Sticks. This skin is exclusive only during the event and may not be available anymore after the event period or in the future.

On April 9, 2024, Astro Mallet will be available again in the ALL STAR Cosmic Wanderer event, where players can obtain this skin for free.

ALLSTAR Last Encore Skin Selection and How to Redeem

The ALLSTAR Last Encore event will run from March 30 to April 30, 2024. It will provide players with wish tasks to complete and earn the wish skin fragments that can be used to exchange for free skin.

Players can acquire a total of four fragments, of which three can be used to exchange a permanent skin and one for a trial card.

Here is the skin selection for the ALLSTAR Last Encore Event:
  • Zilong “Storm Rider”
  • Thamuz “Abyssal Reaper”
  • Gatotkaca “Arhat King”
  • Natalia “Deadly Mamba”
  • Esmeralda “Poison Vine”
  • Martis “Deathrock”
  • Terizla “Hammer Giant”
  • Alpha “Crimson Warrior”
  • Harith, “Fashion Expert”
ALLSTAR Bingo Board

The ALLSTAR Bingo Board will be available from April 1 to 18, and it will grant players a free Elite skin.

The most anticipated Promo Diamonds will return as well in the MLBB Allstar Carnival, where players can purchase skins at a discounted price.