Mobile Legends Guide on Magic Defense Items - What's the best?

Which Magic Defense Item is the best in a specific situation?

For this guide, it will be explained in-depth the best magic defense item for a specific situation. Magic Defense Items are known to reduce the damage output of magic damage dealers. Once a hero has 100 magic defense, it can reduce the damage taken by approximately 46%. Although, as more magic defense adds up, the damage reduction added is gradually lowered. So in order to maximize the potential of using Magic Defense Items, let this guide helps.

What are the magic defense items?

Here are the items to be discussed in this guide:

1. Rose Gold Meteor
2. Athena's Shield
3. Cursed Helmet
4. Oracle
5. Tough Boots

Rose Gold Meteor

This item is known to be built by marksman heroes. Actually, any physical damage dealers can efficiently use the physical attack stat that this item gives. Aside from the physical attack stat, this item also gives lifesteal. That is why this is fully utilized by physical damage dealers that relies on basic attack to deal damage.

This magic defense item therefore is hero-based. Don't build this item inappropriately with tanks. This is intended for the likes of marksman to counter magic damage dealers like Gusion and Selena.

Athena's Shield

Because of the presence of Esmeralda in the game, this is somehow enemy-based. This is the best magic defense item to use ideally because of the high magic defense and HP Stat. The rest of the magic defense items are built because of their passive and other stats that they offer. But in terms of Magic Defense and HP, this is the best to reduce magic damage taken.

Cursed Helmet

This item gives very high HP and low magic defense. The passive of this item is somehow hero-based. One of the main purpose of this item is to give tanks faster wave clear potential. The passive is also suitable for tanks that has crowd control skills where they hold a target in the location near them so that the passive will trigger.

Cursed Helmet though is heavily countered by HP-Based Damage items which are Glowing Wand and Demon Hunter Sword. HP-Percentage Damage like the passive of Karrie also makes this item less efficient.

But for the likes of Belerick that needs high HP Stat from items, Cursed Helmet is not a bad choice. He is a good example because he can immobilize enemies using his ultimate skill to add some more damage output.


This item is hero-based because of its passive and playstyle-based because of the 10% CDR. Suitable for heroes that has heavy shield and HP Regen abilities.

Compared to the other magic defense items, this item gives 10% CDR to help its item holder to cast skills more often. Combining this fact with the above statements, it can be concluded that this is perfect for Esmeralda and Uranus.

Tough Boots

This is not the most popular boots even though this is very useful in the early game. It is because magic damage really hurts early game due to lower base magic defense rather than base physical defense. Though this item is a bit expensive than the other boots, it offers another stat aside from Magic Defense and Movement Speed, that is crowd control resilience. The passive of this item reduces the time being controlled by so-called CC Effects.

One of the perfect times to use this item is when an enemy has Selena.

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