Mobile Legends Guide on using Harley as a Sidelaner - Season 15 META for New Map

Guild of Guardians
Harley was previously known as a very good midlaner. He has fast clear wave, mobility, and ability to gank sidelanes which are some of the characteristics of a perfect midlaner. But since the new map only has one purple buff, Assassins are more likely to be midlane because they are generally purple buff reliant.

In this guide, it will be discussed why Harley as sidelaner is the new META and how to dominate the game by solo carrying using this hero.

Why Harley is also a good sidelaner?
  • Harley has the mobility to back up in team fights immediately
  • Harley has fast clear wave capability
  • He can manage in 1v1 or 1v2.
With these reasons, there is no doubt that Harley can also be a great sidelaner. He is also qualifies as a solo laner or offlaner.

Harley Rotation

In early game, he should be bottom lane because it is near to the red buff. If bottom lane is also the offlane, there will be no problem. But if it is on top lane, here is one of the efficient ways to rotate.

1. Help marksman to get the red buff, then go midlane. You can also get it for your own especially if you are actually solo carrying.
2. Do not leave bottom lane if there is no one who will rotate towards it.
3. Then wait for the current toplaner to switch with you before going to toplane.

While waiting for these opportunities, here are the things that you should do.
  1. In bottom lane, try to steal the crab.
  2. Also stack up your star shard by killing the crammer.
  3. In midlane, you can get the lithowanderer and even try to push.
  4. Also, you can kill the Rockursa.
The effectiveness of this rotation depends on how coordinated your team is. But most of the time even in solo queue rank games, you will get to toplane before 3 minutes. Just in time before the first turtle spawns.

Other tips and tricks to solo carry using Harley

1. Your basic attacks are amplified by Magic Power Stats. That is why Harley is a good turret destroyer. In mid to late game, he can destroy turrets as fast as what marksman can do.

2. Use your skill 2 in getting out of the bush when ganking. There are 2 reasons why you should do this trick. First is to surprise the target. Second is you can use your hat trick to teleport back to the bush if needed.

3. Use ultimate skill first before 1st skill and basic attacks to a target. Your ultimate skill will deal more damage because it is based on how much damage you deals during its duration.

4. Before a teamfight starts, you should pick-off an enemy marksman or mage already. That is your main role in teamfights because when a teamfight has already started, it will be hard for you to target an enemy and all you can do is poke using first skill.

Are you already using Harley as a sidelaner? If not, how about trying this one of the most effective tactic for Harley? Share this guide to inform everyone about this new META