Mobile Legends Guide on Which is better for Tanks? Tank Emblem or Support Emblem

Emblems play a vital role in Mobile Legends. Some players underlooked the fact that it has an impact between winning and losing. For this discussion, the focus will be for tanks and which emblem is better to use in certain situations.

What are the benefits of using the Tank Emblem?
  • More HP
  • More Physical Defense
  • More Magic Defense
  • Access to Tenacity, Brave Smite, and Attack and Defense Talents
These stats cannot simply be ignored. Because aside from the base stats, adding points to your chosen stat is a plus. Also, the tenacity talent makes a hero very tanky. The HP regen stat and even the effect of Brave Smite Talent also dictates if how long a tank can survive in a prolonged teamfight.

What are the benefits of using Support Emblem?
  • Movement Speed Stat
  • Hybrid Pen
  • Healing effect boost
  • Hybrid Regen
  • Access to Focusing Mark, Avarice, and the Pull Yourself Together Talents.
Unlike Tank Emblem, this gives movement speed stat. It also gives physical and magical penetration which can be useful for the likes of Rafaela and Diggie. The healing effect boost is also good for healers like Rafaela, Estes, Angela, and even Minotaur. The hybrid regen is good for heroes who runs out of mana quickly early game. This can avoid the use of Demon Shoes. The Pull Yourself Together talent is also the most notable in this emblem because it decreases the cooldown of resurrection and battle spell.

What are the similarities of the two?
  • They both give 10% CDR at max level
  • Both give HP Regen
  • Both are good choice for tanks. It just really depends on the playstyle.
Analysis on applying these emblems on tanks


He is already tanky that is why tank emblem will be inefficient for him. He will also benefit more for the support emblem because of the movement speed, mana regen, and the Pull Yourself Together Talent.


Tank Emblem is good because he can either use Tenacity or Brave Smite talent. Besides, Khufra is actually not tanky. He just relies on his passive to regen HP and crowd control skills to last long in teamfights.


Support Emblem is suitable for Lolita because she is also a support. For her popular spell which is Flicker, she can greatly benefit from the Pull Yourself Together Talent.


Since Belerick greatly relies on HP Stat, Tank Emblem is really the better choice. He also needs the physical defense and magical defense to be very tanky.


Tank emblem is good for higher defense and HP stat. Support emblem is also good because of the mana regen stat.


Tank Emblem is good if you want higher defense stats. Support Emblem is also viable because aside from the base stats, he benefits from Focusing Mark or Pull Yourself Together Talent.


He can use Tank Emblem for the Brave Smite or Tenacity Talent along with high defense stats. Support Emblem is also good for the Focusing Mark or Pull Yourself Together Talent along with the other stats coming from the Support Emblem


Franco is also not very tanky that is why Tank Emblem is mostly used. He can also spam the Brave Smite Talent.


Some might say that since Gatotkaca is already tanky because of his passive, that only applies to physical defense. Also, his high defense stats can be easily countered. But if you want the support emblem for the Pull Yourself Together Talent, it is also a worthy choice.


Since Minotaur was greatly nerfed after his Zodiac Skin was released, Tank Emblem is a necessity. Minotaur is very tanky in rage state but is squishy when not in rage mode. But it is still the player's option to use Support Emblem because he also greatly benefits from its stat. The healing effect boost, and the other stat, is suitable for Minotaur because he is also a support.


Some Tigreal users experimented on using the support emblem because of the Focusing Mark Talent. But tank emblem users prevail because of the Brave Smite Talent and he is very tanky with Tank Emblem.


He is another hero that is easily countered because Johnson naturally builds Physical Defense Items to be very effective. That is why Tank Emblem is the best for him.


Uranus heavily relies on his HP Regen. That is why support emblem works great with him especially with the focusing mark talent. But as a counter META, tank emblem is also suitable to still make him tanky if the enemy countered him using Anti-HP Regen Items.

I hope you learned something in this guide. Tune in for more